The 12 Best HR Podcasts for 2023

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The number of great HR podcasts reflects just how dynamic human resources is as an industry. Podcasts provide an entertaining and thought-provoking platform for staying on top of trends and learning how others navigate their own HR challenges.

In no particular order, we’ve narrowed down the 12 best HR podcasts for now and the future. Whether you’re interested in leading insights and interviews, advice for developing your own career or guides to keeping the “human” in HR, these are sure to hit the spot. 

Tomorrow's People, powered by Personio, is a look into the latest and greatest happening in the world of HR. Take a listen for yourself today.

The 12 best HR podcasts out there

Best for: Entertaining takes on HR challenges

Drive Thru HR covers the full spectrum of HR topics with irreverent humour. Each 30-minute episode features a chat with HR leaders or career experts sharing how they are coping with HR challenges. One of the more entertaining podcasts out there, this one is great for when you’re taking a break from work but still want to learn something. 

Recommended episodes:

Talent management strategies with Michael Ehret of Johnson and Johnson

Talking AI regulation in TA with Will Rose

Best for: Getting started in HR

The HR Mentor helps HR newcomers build their credibility and confidence. The focus here is entirely on establishing an HR career and all the sticky points that come along the way. Expect guidance on finding your first HR job, negotiating your offer, and managing stress in your HR career.

Recommended episodes:

Know your strengths and empower your career journey

Navigating office politics early in your career

Best for: Behind the scenes advice from HR leaders

Host Chris Rainey interviews HR executives and thought leaders as they explore upcoming trends and changes in the world of work. This podcast gives insight to how top HR leaders approach issues and navigate future planning. Tune in for expert takes on topics like the future of remote work and AI in the workplace.

Recommended episodes:

How to build a sustainable culture of wellbeing, with Kathleen O’Driscoll

How Dell is transforming hybrid work with listening data

Best for: HR trends in the US

This network groups together several podcasts, including HR Happy Hour and At Work in America. While very focused on navigating HR in US-based companies, these podcasts do a good job bringing in multiple perspectives to discuss each topic. Covering HR broadly, expect everything from general HR management techniques to new developments in HR technology.

Recommended episodes:

Taking the pulse of HR with Paychex

From service to success: navigating veteran hiring and transition

Best for: Top takes on HR trends and the future of work

Each new episode finds host Perry Timms diving into top HR trends and topics that define this thing we call ‘work’. HR industry experts and thought leaders join Perry to dive deep into issues like diversity, talent and the purpose of work. 

While many HR podcasts come with a North American influence, Tomorrow’s People features a number of UK guests and looks beyond US-centric HR. Wherever you are located, this podcast will make you think with a balance of insights and practical tips that can improve your HR work today!

Recommended episodes:

Peak performance with Chris Shambrook

Lessons in learning with Rajeeb Day

Best for: Clarifying HR’s role

Tired of all the misconceptions about the HR profession? So is host Julie Turney. This podcast is all about redefining what HR does, and sorting out how it can be done well. It’s a great listen for HR professionals who are feeling burnt out and want to rediscover the ways HR can make work better for everyone.

Recommended episodes:

Let’s sound off with Beth Elletson - HR untangled: Navigating the maze called HR

Let’s sound off with Colin Mincy: Rediscovering your path in HR

Best for: Learning and development impact on organisational leadership

This podcast takes the perspective of learning and development professionals, but also looks at the organisational impacts that come from high-quality leaders. Tune in for takes on the capabilities, skill and knowledge that drive effective leadership as well as tips for developing those qualities. 

Recommended episodes:

Taking a holistic approach to executive leadership with Caren Kenney

Is managing wellbeing the job of HR? with Lesley Cooper

Best for: Talent acquisition advice

At less than 30 minutes per episode, the Candidate Experience Podcast brings in bite-sized tips for recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers. The focus here is on improving the candidate experience, but it also looks at how positive candidate experience benefits everyone. From job postings to rejection emails, check this one out for ways to bring humanity back to job hunting.

Recommended episodes:

Accidental recruiter

No screening – Haley Sasser

Best for: Tips for improving work through psychology

Part of the TED Audio Collective, WorkLife with Adam Grant runs deep into the power of psychology at work. Touching on all areas of the work experience, this podcast dives into why we think about work the way we do and how we can cultivate personal and organisational growth. Guests include HR experts as well as CEOs and Hollywood stars.

Recommended episodes:

The science of performing under pressure with Sian Beilock

Brené Brown and Simon Sinek on the leadership skills we need to build

Best for: Solo and small team HR 

Trying to run your organisation’s HR on your own? The HR Party of One podcast shares helpful tips to keep solo and small HR teams running as smoothly as possible. Easily digestible episodes of 15 minutes or less can help you stay on top of your game even when you’re busy doing all of the things.

Recommended episodes:

How to update a culture guide or employee handbook for the New Year

How to choose the right perks for your office

Best for: Aligning leadership strategies with values

Lead from the Heart podcast host Mark C. Crowley interviews CEOs, authors and scientists with one goal in mind: connecting the power of compassionate leadership to business success. This podcast is great when you need a little inspiration and a reminder that business outcomes and people outcomes don’t have to be separate goals.

Recommended episodes:

Cassie Holmes: How to live more happy hours

Heather McGowan: How to empower & inspire human potential

Best for: Cutting edge HR trends

The #WorkTrends podcast is all about looking toward the future of HR. From the consequences of AI to the latest trends in employee recognition, this podcast looks at the HR horizon. Host Megan M. Biro keeps you up to date on the latest, with help from HR experts, vendors and practitioners. Short episodes under 20 minutes dive into the latest trends quickly.

Recommended episodes:

Train your way to better retention

How menopause is affecting your workforce or why menopause is a workplace issue

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