6. April 2021

People @ Personio – Good reasons to join our Sales Team

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At Personio we’re building a culture of accomplishment and impact – a place where people can learn and grow with extraordinary colleagues. Our Sales teams consistently live out that culture, working together and creating opportunities for enabling better organizations every single day.

Not only do these teams consume chocolate-protein puddings like champions (roughly 89 puddings per month, last time we checked 🍫 😉 ), they’re also a diverse group of team players who are helping to establish Personio as a market leader.

Keep reading to find out why they joined Personio and what they get up to on a day-to-day basis:

What motivated you most to join the team?

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Franziska Klenk

The Personio Sales Team is really fun and offers a great working environment in which you can stay motivated while achieving your goals. I joined the inbound sales team because, in my eyes, there is a lot of potential and it offers very diverse responsibilities.

Franziska Klenk – Inbound Sales Representative, DACH

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Michelle Flanagan

I love working with people, so getting to reach out to different people in new organizations every day is perfect for me! I also wanted a team where our input is valued and we have autonomy to develop our own ideas and processes. From Personio’s social media accounts I could see that the culture was fun and focused on the people. But I have a little secret: the pictures and videos don’t do it justice! I feel I have such an amazing, close team and lots of friendships.

Michelle Flanagan – Sales Development Representative, UK & Ireland

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Julia Prieto

There are many awesome things about Personio! But I was most motivated to join by the idea of working with an international team and the possibilities of learning from all of my different coworkers.

Julia Prieto – Sales Development Representative, Spain


What excites you most about your current job?

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Hassell Carbajal

One of my favorite things is being able to talk with different HR Directors from super exciting startups across the UK and Ireland. It is incredible to learn about their strategies and the problems they’re experiencing and then being able to help them.

Hassell Carbajal – Sales Development Representative, UKI

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Clara Victoria Jusdado

love the freedom and trust that the team leaders give me to choose the best way to do my tasks and try new things to develop the role. Also being able to help other companies to improve their daily life with an amazing tool like Personio!

Clara Victoria Jusdado – Sales Development Representative, Ireland

What development opportunities do you currently have at Personio?

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Ilias Tuglidis

With Personio, you have the great opportunity to shape your own future. In my case, I expressed the wish for further development exactly one year ago. At that time, my current role had not yet been thought of and did not exist. Now it has come about in a perfect way! Everyone can work on their strengths and weaknesses here to find out what really drives them.

Ilias Tuglidis – Senior Sales Development Representative, DACH

Good reasons to join our Sales Team - Leon Daly

I get to be part of the interview process for potential future Personio’s, which has been a great opportunity! It’s awesome to be a part of that growth and develop my skills in an area outside of my sales role. I’m also part of the buddy program where I help new joiners onboard and learn the ropes. In the future I am looking to remain part of the sales team and move into a more senior role. Thankfully there is already an established path for this!

Leon Daly – Sales Development Representative, Ireland

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