11. January 2023

From Dublin to Amsterdam: The Start of Something New for Anita, Account Executive

Group of Personios in the Amsterdam Office

Back in September of 2021, Personio expanded from locations in Munich, Madrid, Dublin, and London, to a fifth, new office in Amsterdam. Anita Bax, an Account Executive in the Dublin office, was tapped to be part of the first wave of Personio employees to relocate. 

While most relocation stories involve the person moving to a brand new city to start a new adventure, this was only half-true for Anita. Because although she had spent the last seven years in Dublin, she is a native of The Netherlands, and her move was more of a homecoming.

Before joining Personio, Anita spent nearly five years at Airbnb as an Experience Market Manager, first for the Nordics and then for The Netherlands. She first heard about Personio during a casual conversation with friends, and later realized that a previous colleague now worked at Personio in Dublin. She reached out to learn more, and what she learned only made her more curious! “The recruitment process was so smooth, and I liked that I had the opportunity to speak to so many different people across the organisation.” 

Anita Bax driving Personio boat on Amsterdam Canal
Anita captaining Personio’s boat in Amsterdam.

At the end of the day, it was an easy choice. “I loved the enthusiasm that everyone showed during all of my interviews. It was obvious that the Personio team was driven by a shared vision and passion, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” When she joined, Anita was only the sixth person in the Dublin office. “Personio was just starting to get into the Benelux market. It was a great opportunity to join at the very beginning and have a real impact on Personio’s international growth.” And that growth has only continued. By the time she moved to Amsterdam in late 2021, the Dublin office was nearing 150 employees. 

Anita Bax Working at her desk in Amsterdam office
Settled into the Amsterdam office.

Now, Anita continues her role as an Account Executive for the Benelux region (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) – just now she’s doing it from Amsterdam instead of Dublin. As an AE, Anita’s role is all about speaking with HR teams at companies who could benefit from Personio’s SaaS product. Her typical day starts with an hour of inbound and outbound calls with those HR professionals, talking through the problems they face in their jobs and ways Personio can help solve them. She’ll then dive into project work or meetings with potential customers before taking a break for lunch. The afternoon sees her back supporting customers in their search for an HR solution, taking the time to understand their needs and how Personio can help them achieve their goals. And then she ends her day with 30 minutes of prep for the next day. But, as she says, it’s an ever-changing experience. “No day at Personio is the same as the last!” 

Anita presenting at All Company Culture Week 2022
Anita presenting at All Company Culture Week 2022.

Making the move to Amsterdam was a process, of course, but it all worked out for Anita and her girlfriend (and their dog, Niko!). “It was quite a challenge to figure out the move with our dog, but everything else was smooth! Personio was so supportive, and some of my teammates had already made the move, so we all shared tips and tricks with each other.” At the end of the day, moving from Dublin to Amsterdam with Personio was both a new adventure and a homecoming – and Anita wouldn’t have it any other way. “Personio is unlike any other company I’ve ever worked for. I love that my role here lets me help make my customers’ lives easier, and that I get to make a concrete contribution towards our journey of enabling better organisations.” Interested in joining Anita and her fellow Personios in the Amsterdam office? We’re hiring for multiple roles! Check out our careers page today to find the next right job for you.

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