9. December 2021

Planting The Seed: Personio’s Company-Wide Impact Day

Munich Personios planting trees

Over the past weeks, Personios from across our offices had the chance to gather together and make an impact on our planet by planting trees and creating our very own "Personio Forest" during our Company-Wide Impact Day!

This initiative aimed to compensate for our CO2 footprint, support an environmental cause, and empower our Personios to leave their own mark. And, it was a great opportunity to bring employees together to showcase our values of #SocialResponsibility, #Teamspirit, and #Fun!

Planting The Seeds: What Impact Days Mean To Us

Based on our core value of #SocialResponsibility, we created the concept of Impact Days and asked our Personios to vote on which initiatives they would like to help as a company. The winning idea was to help replant forests to fight climate change, and just like that, we had the concept for our first-ever Company-Wide Impact Day ready!

Spread across two weeks, at the end of November and the beginning of December Personios across the different countries and offices could join and all collectively make an impact.

Madrid Personios learning about tree planting.
Madrid Personios learning about tree planting.

Preparing For Planting

Before taking our Personios to a nearby forest and taking the day to plant trees, we had to take a serious look at each country's Covid-19 restrictions. We spoke to each of the organizations we partnered with and constantly monitored the local regulations regarding the Covid situation. The outcome was establishing a strict hygiene concept to ensure our employees were protected and adding 2G+ and 3G [vaccinated, recovered, and tested] rules across all Company-Wide Impact Days. Personios had to show proof of their vaccination or successful recovery from Covid-19, as well as a negative test.

As #SocialResponsibility is one of our core values, we knew we needed to take the utmost care with hygiene preparations for these Impact Days (especially since social responsibility was an idea powering the day in the first place).

Planting baby trees
Smiling and planting baby trees in Madrid.

What Did The Impact Days Look Like?

The days kicked off with our Personios arriving at each of their offices and getting their testing done. Once their test results came back negative, they boarded the buses and went on their way to plant some trees!

For this Company-Wide Impact Day, we partnered with different organizations varying by country: In Madrid, we partnered with Reforesta, a Spanish organization promoting sustainable development and fighting desertification. In Ireland, we partnered with the local organization Hometree, whose work revolves around conservation efforts of permanent woodland and regeneration of biodiversity through afforestation. And in Munich, we partnered with TreePlantingProjects, a community of forest improvers that get involved in climate protection through reforestation projects.

Dublin Personios
Dublin Personios during their welcome coffee before planting.

After learning about each country’s organization and their goals, our Personios were divided into groups and were given different tasks. Some groups were in charge of seed collection, others tree planting, and some were even in charge of taking care of baby trees!

Creating nursery beds for baby trees.
Creating nursery beds for baby trees.

At the end of their hard day of work, the teams were able to reflect on the impact they made and even had a chance to learn more about the forests they had just helped replant.

In total, we planted 2,230 trees during all our Company-Wide Impact Days. Of those trees, we planted 2,000 of them in Munich with TreePlantingProjects, 130 in Madrid with Reforesta, and 100 in Dublin with Hometree. We also created nursery beds for just about 4,000 trees!

For many of our Personios, this was an opportunity to give back to the environment whilst meeting some new team members and having #Fun along the way. Overall, everyone agreed that the opportunity to plant a seed to help pave the way to a more sustainable future was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Tree planting
Planting some trees after enjoying a Bavarian-style lunch.

If changing the world and making your mark, while being supported by your employer, sounds like it’s up your alley, then don’t miss out! We’re hiring passionate, driven, and talented people for multiple teams across the company right now. Check our careers page and join in on making a change!

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