25. June 2020

People @ Personio – Pablo’s Home Workout Routine

We asked Pablo, our Sales Development Representative, from the Madrid Team to share his tips to stay fit and healthy during the WFH-period.But first…

What does a Sales Development Representative do?

Sales Development Representatives are responsible to create a pipeline of valuable leads through diverse outbound activities. As a partner for our potential customers, we are the ones who create awareness of problems within the HR department and provide support through the phase of solution consideration.

What are your tips to stay motivated and fit at home?

Pablo doing a plank

🏃🏻‍♂️ Workout with someone (if you can). 🏅 Set yourself achievable goals. ⏱ And measure your results. You'll be able to track your progression and be amazed by how much you have improved! 💪

How did you change your workout routine during the WFH-period?

Before quarantine, I used to go to the gym next to the office five days per week (three days for strength training and, two days for cardio sessions). Right now, I’m combining HIITs (high interval intensity training) that I get from the Freeletics application at home and 5K runs since we’re allowed to exercise outside in Madrid.

What apps or websites can you recommend for working out at home?

I recommend Freeletics (for workouts at home) and Strava (running app). Otherwise, Youtube has plenty of workouts!

Pablo doing various workouts

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