17. March 2021

Meet José Carlos López Beiro, Account Executive

What is being an Account Executive all about?

Based on our core purpose, Enabling Better Organizations, the basic ‘art' of my job consists of helping our customers understand that by digitizing their HR department and processes, they will improve the success of the rest of their organization. This will then allow them to have more time for what is really important: their employees.

I feel very happy to work for the market of my own country, Spain. Especially when our customers express their gratitude with us for being consultative rather than salesy and pushy. Being perceived as a support rather than a burden feels to me like a great achievement by our entire team that reflects our true commitment to our core value of #CustomerEmpathy.

José Carlos López Beiro

What do you like the most about your work?

I believe that working at Personio is different, mainly because of the culture and the people that I have the chance to work with every day. Those two elements are my absolute favorite parts of this job.

Having the opportunity every day to work side by side with amazing people. All of us are professionals driven by impact, we always want the best for our teams and the success of Personio, which makes the experience of working here very special.

Personally, I like the flexibility we have. We can go to the gym in the middle of the day during office hours and nobody will ask where you are. #Ownership is also about taking care of your responsibilities at your own pace, and if that leaves you with some time to exercise during lunch break, do it! As long as things are done, no one will mind.

I also love our international culture. You wake up speaking Spanish, midday you speak Italian, and you finish the day speaking English, while being in Madrid the whole time!

It’s difficult to imagine a place where working in a very professional way and having so much fun could be possible. But, at Personio, #Fun is a core value. So, as you can imagine, we make the same effort to take ownership and be diligent while we do have (a lot of) fun.

What’s the secret to a cool teamwork environment?

What I can see in every single one of my team members is that they are smart professionals, willing to go the extra mile. Above all, though, they are also very humble people. For me, those three basics are the key to creating a great environment of teamwork and where you trust each other, have fun, and learn from one another.

Communication is another key element to maintaining #Teamspirit and a cool work environment. I’m proud of the way our communications scaled during the hardest parts of lockdown in Spain. Even with remote working, we didn’t miss any important updates as a team. We implemented a "Good Morning" meeting every day that remained until now as part of our daily routine, even as lockdown eased. I’m sure we might even keep it while we slowly come back to the office.

Something very relevant and worth highlighting is that while the Spanish market is not easy to swim in, we are crushing it as a team! 💪🏼 We had accomplished so much during the last year, and we all feel very proud of it.

José Carlos López Beiro with team

😉 Extra Tip: On my team, we have a special spot for all of those who like to enjoy a good beer. So, an easy way to connect with me is appreciating an excellent beer. And, if it’s Alhambra 1925, the green ones, even better! (Yes, I’m from Granada)

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as an Account Executive at Personio?

I’ve learned that if there is a common goal, and everyone works towards it, anything is possible.

With a great team, who are diligent and #DrivenByImpact, there are common achievements, so being part of a group like this means that every individual success is the success of everyone else. To be honest, this kind of sales atmosphere is rather uncommon, and it’s something we have at Personio which I think is really great.

What has been your most memorable experience during your time working at Personio?

I have plenty of incredible experiences during my year and a half at Personio, so it’s a bit difficult to choose.

However, if I could choose one, it would be my onboarding in Munich back in 2019. This is where I started with Aaron Cogolludo, our Country Manager, and where I also had the pleasure of meeting other great colleagues from the team. We spent almost two months there, seeing where everything started and how it came together.

Again, it was a great experience for many reasons, but what really amazed me was the help I received from the Munich-based team and my other colleagues. They were always helping and willing to share the huge knowledge of the market, the product, the processes, and more.

I can say that all those colleagues became my friends. It’s quite unique that I speak almost daily with some of them, even when some move on to other projects outside of Personio.

P.S: Our experience in Munich ended with a huge Christmas party, where the Series C funding was announced. You can imagine how that experience was… (I miss those times where all colleagues could be together at events. But, when this pandemic ends, we will meet again in the Alps, Oktoberfest, or in the Madrid Office for sure!)

José Carlos López Beiro with team at Christmas party
José Carlos López Beiro with team in Munich

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start their career as an Account Executive?

If you like having different experiences every day of the week, with all sorts of customers, then the sales team will be the perfect match for you….

The reason I chose this job in the first place was because I love getting to know different people, using my consulting skills, exploring the client’s pain points, and working on helping them by showing them how our software can solve it.

If you enjoy guiding organizations to achieve better people management, and becoming a happier HR Team as a result, then you should definitely work with us.

I also think it is important to mention that joining Personio as an Account Executive is not for people who enjoy the same day over and over, but for those who want to be challenged every day.

José Carlos López Beiro on Zoom

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