17. June 2020

People @ Personio – Itzi’s Home Office Routine


This time we asked Itzi, one of our Payroll Operations Manager from the Madrid Office, to share her tips for the WFH Period.

But first, what does a Payroll Operations Manager do?

We qualify leads that are interested in our payroll solution and support them during the implementation. We take care of our test customers in their parallel month of payroll and finally close the deal. For existing customers, we ensure a correct and in-time payroll as well as help them to improve their processes with our digital solution.

What are your thoughts on WFH?

In Madrid, we have been in Home Office since March 11th, so either you get a routine or you are dead! The good point is the time you save on going to the office! The bad thing… not seeing your colleagues! My tips this time are: Keep your mind clear, keep the contact with your colleagues and rest for a new day.

Itzis office

What do you normally do in your daily Home Office Routine?

☕️ Breakfast: It is important to have a good coffee in the morning, I usually accompany it with a walk with my dogs, to have the battery charged to face the day.

💻 Start to work! I start my day at the same time as before COVID-19 and:

  • I have a clear calendar, just like when I was working in the office

  • If I'm stuck on a task, I see if a colleague is free, and we can chat for a while, it helps a lot to clear up!

  • I keep the same lunch hour, 1:30 pm (I know that in Germany this is late, but in Spain, it is very early)

  • In the afternoon I change my workplace! I look for sun and comfort to keep working with maximum energy

  • When I finish, I call a colleague to tell exchange on how their day went!

🏃‍♀️ Sport: After work, it is good to clear the mind, so it is time to do some exercise, in Spain we were not allowed to go out for a couple of weeks, so sport was at home! Nowadays, we can go out for sports from 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 08:00 PM to 11:00 PM – which is super nice!

🌅 End of the day: Shower, dinner, Netflix & see you tomorrow


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Did you know that our 16th-floor office in Madrid has a panoramic view of the Bernabeu stadium? ⚽️