30. June 2021

Humble Yet Ambitious: Personio’s International SDRs

At Personio, our core purpose is to enable better organizations by freeing up HR professionals to focus on what actually matters: people. And we want to enable as many organizations as possible, which means growing and enabling our own team.

One team impacted by this hyper-growth is our Spanish International Sales team. Currently comprised of six sales reps and a Team Lead, they have plans to double in size over the next few months.

We sat down with a few recent additions to members of the team – Matteo, Carla, and Pablo – to chat about their experiences in sales, why they decided to join Personio, and what they’re looking for in new talent. Matteo Stroili, Team Lead | Joined Personio in March 2021 and speaks Italian and English. 🇮🇹 🇬🇧

Clara Victoria Jusdado, Sales Development Representative | Joined Personio in January 2021 and speaks Spanish, English, and French. 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

Pablo Corman, Sales Development Representative | Joined Personio in December 2019 and speaks Spanish and English. 🇪🇸 🇬🇧

What motivated you to join the Spanish International Sales team at Personio?

"As a team lead, I was looking forward to joining a team of smart, talented and motivated people and to putting my experience in the tech world at their service to help them progress in their careers. Personio is in a hyper-growth phase and I thought immediately that this was the perfect opportunity and workplace to execute on this personal goal!" – Matteo

“The Personio culture caught my attention from the very first contact with the recruiter, which played a big factor in my decision to join. The hiring process was so smooth, plus Personio’s ambitious goals are something I want to be a part of. The Sales team in particular was interesting to me for that international environment with a lot of growth potential.” – Clara

“For me, it was the people I met during the interview process who really sold Personio as a company. I had this sense that I was joining something big where I could have a real impact. And it turns out that I was right!” – Pablo

Pablo speaking at the Digital Enterprise Show 2021 in Madrid.
Pablo speaking at the Digital Enterprise Show 2021 in Madrid.

In the few months you’ve been with Personio, what has been your most memorable experience so far?

“The onboarding experience really stuck out to me. From day one it was impressive – so organized and efficient – and gave me the sense of being surrounded by smart, kind, collaborative people.” – Matteo

“My most memorable experience so far was getting my first sales leads and having the team help me through the process. It felt so good to get those first ones checked off and have such great support from my fellow SDRs.” – Clara

“I’ve already had the opportunity to represent Personio at the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid, speaking about how our software can help unlock the productive potential of a company. Being able to meet potential customers for the first time and talk about Personio in front of a crowd was a great experience.” – Pablo

Matteo and Pablo team up to defeat their coworkers.
Matteo and Pablo team up to defeat their coworkers.

What are you looking for in potential new SDR hires?

“There are three traits I always look for in a candidate that I never compromise on: resilience, coachability, and team fit. These traits go hand-in-hand with some of our company values, including #Teamspirit and #Ownership.” – Matteo

“What I look for most in potential new teammates is a team player, someone who likes to have fun while we work (one of our company values is #Fun, after all!), is open to learning from us and vice versa!” – Clara

“We take our operating principles pretty seriously here; our principles of #SeektoImprove and #SolutionsOverProblems really matter. So we’re looking for humble yet ambitious people who strive to continuously grow and learn.” – Pablo

Personio Event
Aaron, Pablo, and Julia representing Personio at an event.

What advice do you have for someone interested in becoming an SDR?

“In my experience, the SDR role is the perfect launchpad for a career in tech sales! You will have the opportunity to focus on your sales skills as well as getting an understanding on how companies operate. This will enable you to build a toolkit to ramp up very efficiently in your next roles.” – Matteo

“My best advice is to come with energy, ambition, and an enthusiasm to learn and become a better professional everyday!” – Clara

“I’d say be prepared with an open mind, a humble attitude, and be willing to experiment! Trial and error is a great way to learn in a role like this.” – Pablo

Personio Team Lunch
Members of our International Sales team enjoying lunch together.

With plans to double Matteo’s International Sales team in size over the next few months and shift the team to our Dublin office, we have some hiring to do! If becoming a Sales Development Representative sounds like a good next step for your career, check out our open jobs and apply today!

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