31. August 2021

From Brussels to Dublin: Naome’s Relocation Story


Meet Naome, a recent transplant to Dublin and new member of the Personio team! Read on to learn more about her relocation experience, how she found Personio, and why she decided to move to a city she’d never even visited. 

Where did you move from?

I moved from Brussels to Dublin! I’m originally from Ghent in northwestern Belgium but had been living in Brussels for the past year. My boyfriend and I both wanted a new challenge, and I was eyeing the tech industry as an interesting option. We figured San Francisco might be a little too far, but Dublin is a growing tech hub and much closer. So we thought, why not move to Dublin!

How did you hear about Personio?

I knew I wanted a sales role because I love helping people solve problems. So I was searching LinkedIn for sales roles at tech companies with Dublin offices when I came across Personio. The product and culture both immediately spoke to me. It seemed like a cool product and a great company to work at – and now I can confirm that they are!

Breakfast with some new coworkers.
Breakfast with some new coworkers.

What was your recruiting experience like?

The recruiting process was so smooth, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Almost immediately after I applied, I received an email from a recruiter named Suzanne. Suzanne guided me through the entire hiring process, answered all my questions, and kept me updated without me even needing to follow up.

I had the opportunity to speak with people from a bunch of different departments. I really appreciated the fact that there is an interview designed solely to ensure a values and culture fit! And, even more, the peer interview gave me a chance to ask questions and figure out if Personio was the right fit for me.

Packing 26 years of life in Belgium into three suitcases!

What is your role at Personio now?

I’m an SDR for the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) market. My role is essentially about helping potential customers evaluate their needs. I love being able to meet new people, help solve their problems, and have a positive impact on their business. It’s one of the reasons that our company value of #CustomerEmpathy really speaks to me.

What did your moving timeline look like?

moving timeline

What challenges did you face during the move? What went well?

Because of weird logistical details, I ended up moving to Dublin much faster than orginally planned. When I arrived I had pretty much nothing – no towels, pillows, kitchen utensils, or anything. So it took a bit of time to settle in!

I had also never been to Dublin before moving, and starting a new job in a new industry was a little intimidating. But everyone at Personio was very friendly and helpful. People even reached out on LinkedIn to say hi and give advice on where to live and explore in Dublin. It made me feel like part of the team before I’d even started!

And Dublin has turned out to be a very beautiful city with an international, vibrant feel. There are so many things to do and people are so friendly, so we’re really enjoying it so far!

Getting used to the Dublin Personio way of life!

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