16. December 2020

People @ Personio – Diversity Committee

At Personio, we already count almost 600 employees, representing more than 63 different nationalities and cultures, under our roof (four roofs total, so far 😉)!

With so many people coming from so many different backgrounds and corners of the globe, this is just one of the many aspects that makes our team diverse. However, diversity is a much broader concept than sheer headcount.

Therefore, we embrace this and other aspects of our uniqueness to guarantee a successful and cooperative organization, strengthening and producing innovative solutions from the great synergy of people. After all, we are all working toward the same purpose: Enabling Better Organizations.

Our Diversity Committee was "founded" with the mission of making Personio a safe and inclusive workplace, across all of our offices, by embracing everyone's uniqueness. To enable the full potential of our people. And, to guarantee them a work environment where they can be themselves and feel safe, respected, and valued. Our Diversity Committee is divided into four subcommittees:


Instead of simply explaining what this committee is all about, we went straight to the people in them. We asked members to share their reasons behind their decision to join our Diversity Committee. Here are some of their answers:

Why did you join the Diversity Committee?

As a member of the LGBT+ community, I want to contribute to the wellbeing of all Personio employees so that everyone feels safe, accepted, and welcomed.

– Miha Bajza, Customer Service Team

Because, as a Latina woman within an international company based in Germany, I think it’s great to have the space to discuss diversity issues and to have an impact by participating in initiatives that promote an inclusive work environment for all.

– Doriana Mirabal, Employer Branding & Culture Team

I think the different aspects of diversity are often forgotten within society. I want to contribute to changing that instead of simply complaining about it.

– Astrid Kimnach, Customer Service Team

Because it is what makes us the Personio that we are. Personio has been an agent of change for years now, and I believe the diversity of its people has a key role in its success and I wanted to be a part of that.

– Vineet Prasad, Product Design Team

As a half-German, half-Ecuadorian, and having grown up in Italy and going to an International School where inclusion and celebrating diversity was natural – I see that Personio is a great place for inclusion no matter your background. So, I am happy to support diversity, and subsequently inclusion, the best way I can.

– Diana Doege, People & Organization Team

Embracing - Uniqueness - Sticker

We live in a world that is torn apart based on our differences. Even though the most prominent and most important characteristics we have as human beings are our differences. We must learn to celebrate our differences by enabling, in one and other, a curiosity and hunger to learn about those who challenge our way of thinking. To be a part of the Diversity Committee at Personio is extremely exciting because, within our close knit communities and teams, we can help to encourage movements toward bringing everyone together and inspiring those around us to encourage, build, and nurture environments upheld by the values of inclusion, collaboration, and respect.

– Ronan Lavin, People & Organization Team, Dublin

Why do you think it’s important to have a Diversity Committee at Personio?

We need to embrace diversity because being different is what makes us unique. It is extremely important, as a company, that people have a safe environment where everyone can be themselves.

– Julia Stamm, Product Team

Because every person and employee is unique and has their own needs. Treating everyone the same just does not make sense. We want to embrace uniqueness.

– Astrid Kimnach, Customer Service Team

The presence of a diversity committee within an organization like Personio is absolutely essential so that all voices from all kinds of groups and backgrounds feel that they are being heard; that every single member of our Personio community feels like they belong; to create safe places where people may talk openly to each other and feel supported and empowered to speak out when their needs are not being met; and, finally, to challenge the status quo. I firmly believe that we must never be indifferent. As long as we are living, working, or thriving, we must remain curious and continue moving forward to better ourselves and educate and inform those whom we surround ourselves with.

– Ronan Lavin, People & Organization Team, Dublin

Personio is a growing team. We come from various walks of life and everyone has a voicePersonio is a product for people, built by people. The committee helps to embrace and recognizes these walks of life.

– Vineet Prasad, Product Design

Personio is a product for people, built by people. The committee helps to embrace and recognizes these walks of life. – Vineet Prasad, Product Design

“United in diversity” – this is what we strive towards at Personio. We are all unique personas with our own differences. Together, as a diverse and unified team, we can achieve great things.

– Miha Bajza, Customer Service Team

What’s your favorite aspect of the committee?

My favorite aspect is being close to people to achieve the mission that we built together: “Make Personio a safe workplace across all offices by embracing our cultural, social, and personal backgrounds, independent of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, condition, and age #EmbracingUniqueness”.

– Julia Stamm, Product Team

That we can have so many distinct sub-committees. We tried to really think about the many different aspects that encompass diversity. Also, our group is super open-minded and welcomes everyone. I feel very valued and comfortable within this group of people.

– Astrid Kimnach, Customer Service Team

It’s a fun bunch of people. We have a common aim and that makes me want to be part of this team.

– Vineet Prasad, Product Design Team

Who can join the Diversity Committee?

Literally everyone!

– Astrid Kimnach, Customer Service Team

I think that anyone who is interested in making a change and raising the visibility of the many different voices that are part of Personio is absolutely welcome.

Start Up Your Way

– Doriana Mirabal, Employer Branding & Culture Team

Not being part of this committee does not mean you cannot be a voice for change. I think everyone at Personio is already a part of it. Those of us on this committee just listen to what everyone has to say. We always want to have more people involved in the committee to be our eyes and ears in order to truly represent all communities.

– Vineet Prasad, Product Design

What’s the latest initiative you have been working on with the committee?

One of the latest things that I am most excited about is the renovation of our new office in Munich, where we will have gender-neutral bathrooms, a nappy-changing toilet, and rooms for prayer, breastfeeding, etc., and accessible toilets.

– Julia Stamm, Product Team


One initiative I am super proud of was participating in raising donations for different organizations regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement. On one hand, because so many of the employees participated and because Personio as a company decided to double the amount.

– Anonymous

How do you think leaders can foster inclusivity?

By ensuring that they provide the space for team members to express themselves freely. Guaranteeing that everyone can communicate and discuss what is necessary to ensure an inclusive space according to their unique characteristics. This is undoubtedly beneficial to a team’s performance.

– Doriana Mirabal, Employer Branding & Culture Team

By making sure to create an open-minded environment and supporting dialogue between everyone in the team.

– Astrid Kimnnach, Customer Service Team

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