27. June 2023

5 Important HR News Stories You Should Know About This Month

5 Important HR News Snippets to Know About

Finding it hard to stay in the loop of everything that’s going on in the fast-moving world of HR news? We’ve rounded up all the latest HR developments you may have missed from the UK, Ireland and beyond.

While just about everyone is talking about AI’s role within HR, employees are winning the fight not to return to office full-time. Airbnb’s ‘work from anywhere’ policy has been a success, businesses are defining what the future of work looks like and employee engagement could be in crisis.   

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1. UK Businesses Are Defining the Future of Work (ITN)

With the far-reaching consequences of AI, the potential end of the 9-5 and reimagined workplaces, what does the future of work look like for UK businesses? We were lucky enough to be one of six businesses asked to share our thoughts with Independent Television News, along with Professor Sarah Harper CBE, Irene Graham OBE and the CEO of CIPD, Peter Cheese. Watch it here.

2. HR Will Be Central To Workplace AI Experiment (McKinsey)

Earlier this month, the McKinsey Talks Talent podcast tackled what we’ve all been talking about – AI and its role in HR. It’s thought that AI could help recruiters write better job requirements, offer personalisation to candidates and (for all employees) to give advice on career paths. It may even give us opportunities to make performance review cycles more accurate. Read more here.

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3. Workers Are Winning The Return To Office Fight (BBC)

Despite many businesses attempting to introduce a work from office mandate, the BBC reports that it looks like employees are winning the fight to remain working from home. Tech giant Apple had to offer that employees could pick which of the three days they must attend each week, while approximately 41% of white collar workers in the US choose to work from home full time. Read more here.

4. Work From Anywhere Brings Great Benefits (Fortune)

Speaking of the move to ‘work from anywhere’, Aibnb has released its initial results from their policy of doing exactly that. Among the benefits, the company has said that one year on, the company has lower turnover and higher diversity. When the policy was first announced, their careers page was viewed over 800,000 times by candidates hoping to avail of the benefit. Read more here.

5. Employee Engagement Is In Crisis (Silicon Republic)

Some bad HR news: Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2023 report found that only 13% of European employees are engaged at work. Within Ireland, that figure drops to 11% on average, while the global average was 23%. However, it might not all be negative- while Europeans scored the worst for engagement, they were below average on stress, anger and wanting to find a new job. Read more here.

5 Important HR News Snippets to Know About (Personio Marketplace)

The HR News You May Have Missed From Personio…

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  • Eloomi (Performance & Engagement): Provides highly engaging blended learning to grow employees’ knowledge, skills and confidence with courses, webinars, events and offline learning through one simple interface.

  • FREENOW for Business (Travel & Expense Management): A travel app with the largest vehicle choice in Europe across 170 cities that automates travel admin and provides travel managers with detailed expense reporting.

  • Ingentis org.manager (Performance & Engagement): A leading software solution for people and organisational analytics that allows companies to analyse their organisation, design target states and optimise structures.

  • JobShop by talentsconnect (Applicant Tracking Systems): A specialised, e-commerce-inspired career site to convince talent of your job offers, generating up to 4 times more qualified applications. 

  • LapID (Collaboration & Productivity): Develops legally compliant and seamless processes for driver's licence checks, instructions and vehicle inspections that meet the individual requirements of your company.

  • Moss (Travel & Expense Management): A technology-enabled expense and financial management solution with smart corporate credit cards, digital invoice management and automated accounting.

  • Navan (Travel & Expense Management): The all-in-one solution that makes travel easy. Navan empowers people to focus on what matters most while providing companies with real-time visibility, savings and control.

  • Perkbox (Performance & Engagement): A global rewards and benefits platform that allows companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are or what they want. 

  • PitchYou (Candidate Sourcing): By using the globally popular messenger service WhatsApp, candidates can intuitively go through the application process in a familiar application on their smartphone. 

  • Planday (Workforce Planning): A workforce management platform that enables shift-based businesses across size and industry to manage their staff from one central platform, accessible from anywhere. 

  • Seventhings (Integration Platforms): The all-in-one circular asset management platform. Empowers companies worldwide to track their items by managing the whole asset lifecycle in one sustainable, efficient solution.

  • Workato (Integration Platform): Using this integration, businesses can automate tasks and eliminate repetitive processes by allowing seamless data synchronisation between Personio and other platforms.

Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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