26. October 2022

5 Important HR News Stories in the UK You May Have Missed

5 Key HR News Stories in the UK You May Have Missed This Month

As we head towards the new year, your HR teams are probably starting to think about the challenges that it inevitably will bring with it. And if you didn’t make it to HUG on Tour, our five-stop future of HR event, we have rounded up some other important developments to have a think about.

From cost of living initiatives to pay rises to how four-day weeks are impacting attrition, here are our five must-know news developments from the dynamic world of HR.

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1. Majority of Companies Are Launching Cost of Living Initiatives (Personio)

Have your employees been impacted by the cost of living crisis yet? Some 81% of companies either have initiatives in place to help (51%), or they are planning to launch one (29%). That’s all according to our brand new HR study of 7,000 employees and 3,500 HR managers across Europe, of which less than a third of HR teams felt prepared to help their business remain resilient. Read more here.

2. Pay Rises Are Coming For 91% of Employees (HR News)

On the topic of the cost of living crisis, there is actually good news coming for us all – 91% of us are set to receive a pay rise next year, with the median basic pay award set to climb by 5% by August 2023. In fact, only 2.5% of companies are anticipating a pay freeze and 85% of employee groups have received a higher pay award this year than last, which will be positive news for HR teams around the UK. Read more here.

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3. Two Thirds Would Move for a 4-Day Week (HR Grapevine)

Wondering how you can ensure that you retain your best talent in the coming months? One of the biggest draws elsewhere may be the companies who offer a four-day working week (68%). Meanwhile, being able to work flexible hours (64%) and the opportunity to earn overtime (63%) also emerged as tempting reasons to jump ship. Currently, only 10% of employees surveyed work four-day weeks. Read more here

4. HR Profession Grew 4x Faster Than Workforce (HR Magazine)

In the last decade, the HR profession has grown by 42%, with the general UK workforce only growing by 10% in that time. This included a 47% rise in junior roles and a 40% increase in senior roles, along with 172 D&I director roles. However, the same report unfortunately found lower levels of diversity in people management roles, with no black Chief People Officers in any of the FTSE 100 companies. Read more here.

5. More People Are Quitting To Care for Family (The Guardian)

The portion of people not working due to family care is at its highest since May 2020, with an increase in stay-at-home parents and carers after 30 years of decline. This has been predominantly women (84% of 1.75 million who have given up work), a 3% increase on the previous year. Last summer alone, 27.6% of women weren’t working because of family commitments, compared to just 7.4% of men. Read more here.

What You May Have Missed From Personio This Month…

Finally, our brand new partners have been busy at work making Personio even more useful for HR professionals across Europe. This month, we have unveiled ten new integrations. Check them out below to unlock more time for what matters – your people.

  • Omnipresent: Simplifies employing, paying, and providing support for global teams across 160 countries without having to set up a local entity.

  • Shiftbase: Staff scheduling and time tracking that enables you to create online staff schedules, register hours and manage your personnel administration. 

  • Lawpilots: E-learning provider for innovative online training in the areas of data protection, compliance, occupational health and safety and information security.

  • Learningbank: Learning platform that enables companies to onboard employees faster, supercharge productivity, and cultivate company culture. 

  • LearnUpon: Learning management system that champions simple, learner-centric experiences and results-focused support.

  • e2mod (Facts&Figures): A connector that synchronises information between Personio and on-premises AD to reduce, standardise and simplify IT operations.

  • BITE: Supports companies with the complete recruiting process from job vacancies to candidate selection by reviews and task management.

  • GFOS: A connector to a comprehensive workforce management system with time tracking, employee scheduling, workforce analytics and more.

  • Monster: A source for jobs and career opportunities. Search for jobs, read career advice from job experts, and find hiring and recruiting opportunities.

  • Capdesk: An all-in-one equity management solution for private companies in Europe. Run compliant and efficient employee share schemes.

Hannah Popham

Hannah Popham

Hannah is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Personio. She loves writing about the ever-changing ways that we work and how they intersect with our lives outside work.

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