5. April 2023

Personio Foundation announces new non-profit organizations joining its Impact Portfolio to tackle climate action and education

Personio Foundation – Impact Portfolio

Munich, 5 April 2023Personio Foundation announced today the seven new organizations that have been onboarded as part of its 2023 Impact Portfolio, which provides financial and strategic support to forward-thinking nonprofits operating in the fields of climate action and education. These organizations have been selected through a thorough three-stage due diligence process after a call for proposals in August 2022 that attracted over a thousand applications globally. 

The newly supported organizations include Fundi Bots (Uganda), Maliasili (Kenya), Pemimpin (Malaysia), Project Soar (Morocco), Steps (Thailand), Chancery Lane Project (UK) and Climate Policy Radar (UK). All of them represent organizations with innovative and scalable solutions, strong leadership and the ambition to multiply the impact of their work in the future. With now 15 NGOs on board, the Personio Foundation has a really strong lever of exceptional and innovative organizations in place. 

Maryam Montague, Executive Director and Founder of Project Soar, a teen girl empowerment organization and movement in Morocco, sums up the significance of Personio Foundation’s support for their work: "Personio Foundation's support has been critical. With it, we are able to invest in our staff, upgrade human resource efforts, conduct team building and host an all team lessons-learned summit. We are so impressed by Personio's commitment to gender equity and diversity, and are proud to be a part of their social impact portfolio."

Since its launch in 2021, Personio Foundation has already supported eight NGOs through its Impact Portfolio via unrestricted, multi-year grants. The distribution of unrestricted,  multi-year grants strengthens organizations’ structure and operations, supporting a sustainable growth path. This is a demonstration of Personio Foundation’s belief in ownership and trust toward the supported organizations. 

Philipp Richter, in February newly appointed Managing Director of Personio Foundation, on the importance of the Personio Foundation:“The purpose of Personio Foundation is to maximize opportunities for those who create innovative and scalable solutions to some of the defining challenges of our time. At Personio Foundation, we believe in building great organizations. We therefore offer unrestricted, multi-year grants to all of our portfolio organizations, empowering them to leverage the support where they need it the most. We’re excited to partner with seven additional outstanding organizations tackling some of the most  pressing issues in climate action and global education.”

Simon Schillebeeckx, Co-Founder and Director of Global Mangrove Trust, who are part of the 2022 portfolio, about the impact they were able to achieve so far: “The Personio Foundation unrestricted grant support has been incredibly valuable to our mission of establishing a conservation easement around every mangrove in the world. We have been able to hire new staff, professionalize our software and HR tools to improve our efficiency, started active engagement with mangrove organizations to scale our service offering, and are in the process of developing a consumer product that we hope will revolutionize access to finance for coastal communities.”

About Personio Foundation:

Personio Foundation was established in 2021 by Personio, Europe’s leading HR software company for small and medium-sized businesses. The Foundation is based on a commitment made when Personio was founded to set aside 1% of the company’s equity for good causes. This 1% stake is currently worth $85 million. 

Since its launch, Personio Foundation has supported NGOs through its Impact Portfolio via unrestricted multi-year grants, while its HR Accelerator will offer strategic support to help non-profit organizations upskill in people processes – including strategies for cultural and organizational change, improved talent recruitment and retention and efficient and scalable operations.

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