Thursday, December 7th | 10am GMT | Zoom webinar

A Personio & Planday webinar

Like clockwork: Managing employee time across locations

As workforces become more dispersed everyday, it is becoming a bigger challenge for businesses to compliantly track and communicate employee work hours and plan schedules across locations and languages. We’ll hear firsthand from leaders in both Personio and Planday on how to do it during busy seasons and how to build great employee experience for their employees around the world.

We’ll be discussing the building blocks for seamless workforce management, staff scheduling, time tracking and detailed reporting that will ensure your business can remain compliant and communicate effectively, especially during busy periods for dispersed teams and shift-based businesses.

This webinar will seek to:

  • Explore how important workforce management is for employee experience

  • Share tips on how to effectively manage employee schedules and time tracking

  • Discover ways to ensure compliance and communication across locations

  • Showcase how crucial reporting can be for data-based decisions and planning

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