Employee Self Service

Reduce administrative work with Personio. Each employee receives their own login for Employee Self Service. This is where they can edit their personal details, enter working hours and absences, and view their personnel file.


Requesting Annual Leave

Your employees can apply for vacation leave in Personio. An authorized person, e.g. the supervisor, can approve the request simply and quickly online.

Reporting Sick Days

Your employees can report sick days in Personio. If desired, the software can automatically remind them to provide a medical certificate that they can then upload directly from their user account.


Involving Employees

Individual Access Rights Management
Assign specific rights to employees or to entire departments. Specify individually who can view and edit data or upload documents.

Employee Self Service On the Go
With Personio, employees can report absences conveniently from their smartphone. Other Employee Self Service functionalities are also available and responsive on the smartphone.

HR Manager und Mitarbeiter schauen auf Bildschirm
With an attendance tracking software you have all times in one place.

Entering Working Hours

Using the Employee Self Service in Personio, all or selected employees can enter their working hours themselves. A supervisor or HR manager can confirm these entries afterwards.

Digital Payroll

Personio automatically calculates your employees’ salary on the basis of the recorded hours and provides a digital payslip for download.

Payroll_Documents Screenshot EN
Zwei Personalerinnen glücklich mit ihrer Personalarbeit in Personio.

Simple and User Friendly

Intuitive User Interface
Each employee has their own user account that they can manage themselves. It’s easy and straightforward to use; a separate training is not necessarily required.

Notifications with Specific Actions
You can define individually who receives a notification from Personio – e.g. a supervisor or HR team member – when an employee performs a specific action in Employee Self Service.

Employee Self Service with Personio

An HR software makes everyday work easier. As an HR manager, you don’t need to make every single entry or change in your employees’ ​​digital personnel file​ yourself. Personio offers an Employee Self Service (ESS) feature that allows your employees to change, enter, or view their ​personal data – anytime and anywhere via the ​​Personio App. This not only saves you time, but also unnecessary paperwork. All data is centrally stored in your HR software. You can access it any time, and with automatic notifications, stay in control of changes.​​

This Is Where Your Employee Can Make Changes​

With Employee Self Service, ​​you create more transparency​​ in your organization. Your employees will be able to view a variety of different information, and they can make edits themselves. This concerns the following processes:

  • View digital personnel file
  • Edit personal details such as address or marital status
  • Report sick days and upload medical certificates
  • Request annual leave and display remaining leave
  • Record working hours
  • Retrieve digital payslip

To facilitate your employees’ hr work, the software should be user-friendly. Find out in this article what true user-friendliness means. 

You Decide Who Is Allowed to Do What

Configure Personio to suit your needs. The ​sophisticated access rights system​​ helps you define for each employee or for individual teams who can perform which actions using Employee Self Service. For example, employees, managers and HR team members may view, edit, add to, comment on or create entries, depending on their user role. They can upload and download files, export data, or submit or approve requests.​

Advantages of Employee Self-Service in Detail​

Employee Self Service has positive effects on the entire organization. It makes the work of all of the employees in the company easier — especially in the HR department. Administrative chores in particular will move to the background, and this opens up important opportunities to intensify your strategic HR work.

  • Standard workflows and processes are simplified and can be completed faster.​
  • There is significantly more transparency for employees, both with regard to their own personnel data, and because they themselves trigger request processes autonomously.​​
  • Administrative costs are reduced as time-consuming steps are eliminated.​ ​
  • HR departments are relieved of administrative duties.​ ​
  • HR tasks are simplified. ​
  • The quality of data is significantly improved.​ ​
  • Processes in the provision of HR services are optimized across departments.​

All of these benefits have a positive effect on the overall success of the company. This includes the financial situation as well as the quality of the provided services. ​

Did you know? Although Employee Self Service truly boosts efficiency, ​only 15%​​ of medium-sized businesses in Germany are using self-management tools, and as a consequence lose out on valuable potential.​​

More than just Employee Self Service: Personio Makes Your HR Management Easier​

With Employee Self Service, the costs of administrative chores such as entering ​absences​​ are reduced. This means you have more time for the really important tasks. Our holistic HR operating system Personio supports you in all human resource processes. Focus on creating effective ​​job postings​ and on professional ​applicant management​​, receive reminders when ​​performance reviews​​ are due, and provide your employees with regular ​​feedback​​.

Now it's Your Turn!

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Three Things That a Good Employee Self Service Software Must Be Able to Do

  • 1. Benachrichtigungen und Erinnerungen

    Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte haben nicht täglich mit der Personalsoftware des Unternehmens zu tun werfen nur bei Bedarf einen Blick in ihr Benutzerkonto. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass das System Benachrichtigungen mit wichtigen Informationen und Aufgaben per E-Mail versendet, etwa wenn

    • ein Manager Urlaubsanträge und Arbeitszeiten freigeben soll (MSS)
    • ein Arbeitsvertrag ausläuft
    • neue Mitarbeiter ins Team einsteigen
    • Geburtstage von Kollegen anstehen

    Bei flexiblen Systemen kann jeder Benutzer selbst entscheiden, bei welchen ESS-Prozessen er benachrichtigt werden möchte.

  • 2. Flexibles Berechtigungs-Management

    Ein gutes ESS-System ermöglicht außerdem die Verteilung von Rollen und Zugriffsrechten in der Personalsoftware. HR-Mitarbeiter können so festlegen, dass ein “Werkstudent” Arbeitsstunden eintragen kann, während “Manager” Auswertungen über Gehälter und Urlaub innerhalb ihrer Abteilung abrufen dürfen.

    Idealerweise gibt es Ansichts- und Bearbeitungs- sowie Vorschlagsrechte, die dafür sorgen, dass die vom Mitarbeiter bearbeitete Informationen erst durch die Genehmigung von Vorgesetzten oder Personalmitarbeitern wirksam werden.

  • 3. Intuitive Benutzeroberfläche

    Damit kein zusätzlicher Aufwand durch Schulung und Einweisung der Mitarbeiter entsteht, muss eine gute Employee Self Service Software klar verständlich und einfach in der Handhabung sein.
    Pluspunkte für ESS-Portale sind:

    • Zugriff via Smartphone, etwa für Zeiterfassung, Krankmeldungen, UrlaubsanträgeSingle Sign-On: Einwahl in das
    • Benutzerkonto des ESS-Systems mit einem bereits bestehenden Firmen-Benutzerkonto (z.B. Google, Windows)
    • Online abrufbare Beiträge und Leitfäden zur Nutzung des ESS-Systems für Mitarbeiter

    Machen Sie sich am besten durch Testen der Software aus Mitarbeitersicht selbst ein Bild davon.Cloud-Anbieter wie Personio bieten hierfür ein kostenloses Test-Konto an.