Document Management

Never Get Lost Among Reams of Paper Again

HR management involves quite a bit of documentation for each and every employee. Personio organizes your HR documents centrally to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips at any time. As a result, there is always clarity and transparency about which data is stored where and when it was recorded.

Everything in Good Order

Withstand Any Level of Scrutiny
It is a good idea to comply consistently with documentation requirements in case of a tax audit or even if employees simply want to query their records. With Personio, this is easily done.

Find, Don’t Search
Personio makes sure that documents and information are readily accessible to relevant stakeholders, even remotely, for example when a colleague needs information while you are on leave.

HR reporting software gives you more insights about personnel data
Electronic employee files ensure data protection-compliant data administration

In Good Hands

Documents Right Where They Belong
Forget about physical folders all over the place or Excel spreadsheets prone to being overwritten. In Personio, everything is filed and archived centrally. Employees are able to upload their documents directly, including medical certificates and qualifications.

Create Templates Once – Use Them Often
Employees frequently ask for references or letters of recommendation. Invest the time to create and store templates for commonly needed documents once and then only make individual adjustments as required.

Documents at the Click of a Button

Import existing Word templates or create new ones to have frequently used documents readily available. Quickly and easily customize these with the correct individual information, and you are done!

Documents_Preview Screenshot EN

Document Preview for Clearly Organized Files

Which one was the final version again? Get a quick preview of any documents at the click of a button to avoid storing intermediate data on your computer.

Batch document upload

Upload employee files easily in batches directly within Personio, e.g. the payroll files for your entire company, to save distribution effort, paper, time and money.