Document Management

Never Get Lost Among Reams of Paper Again

HR management involves quite a bit of documentation for each and every employee. Personio organizes your HR documents centrally to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips at any time. As a result, there is always clarity and transparency about which data is stored where and when it was recorded.

Everything in Good Order

Withstand Any Level of Scrutiny
It is a good idea to comply consistently with documentation requirements in case of a tax audit or even if employees simply want to query their records. With Personio, this is easily done.

Find, Don’t Search
Personio makes sure that documents and information are readily accessible to relevant stakeholders, even remotely, for example when a colleague needs information while you are on leave.

HR reporting software gives you more insights about personnel data
Electronic employee files ensure data protection-compliant data administration

In Good Hands

Documents Right Where They Belong
Forget about physical folders all over the place or Excel spreadsheets prone to being overwritten. In Personio, everything is filed and archived centrally. Employees are able to upload their documents directly, including medical certificates and qualifications.

Create Templates Once – Use Them Often
Employees frequently ask for references or letters of recommendation. Invest the time to create and store templates for commonly needed documents once and then only make individual adjustments as required.

Documents at the Click of a Button

Import existing Word templates or create new ones to have frequently used documents readily available. Quickly and easily customize these with the correct individual information, and you are done!

Documents_Preview Screenshot EN

Document Preview for Clearly Organized Files

Which one was the final version again? Get a quick preview of any documents at the click of a button to avoid storing intermediate data on your computer.

Batch document upload

Upload employee files easily in batches directly within Personio, e.g. the payroll files for your entire company, to save distribution effort, paper, time and money.

How HR Document Management Software Saves Your Sanity

HR Managers do not study for years and find a job in human resources in order to deal with piles of paperwork, endless processes, tedious documentation, duplicated information in multiple systems and frustrated employees.

More probably, they start out with the intention of working in HR to help people: to engage employees, encourage new recruits to want to join the company, train people to improve their skills, help people get promoted, and employ techniques to resolve frustrations when things are tough.

But the overwhelming need to deal with mundane, admin-based tasks wears them down to a point where they can become exhausted. More often than not, HR Managers know there has had to be a better way to deal with HR documents: The just don’t know how…

That’s why, when people find Personio’s HR document management software, things change for the better: saving time, saving frustration – and possibly even saving HR Managers’ sanity!

What is Document Management Software?

Before HR Managers are aware of Personio they may wonder, “What is HR document management software?” The answer is that HR document management software is a type of software that helps anyone involved in HR processes store the documents that relate to the people they employ.

HR document management software helps companies ensure their employees’ details are saved securely, maintained accurately, accessible to relevant people (including the employees themselves), and easy to access and update.

Good HR document management software actually makes it easier for HR to store and manage documents compliantly so they can spend more time doing the jobs that make the business better, and less time simply doing admin. In fact, it can even change employees lives for the better!

What Happens Once Good HR Document Management Software is Being Used Effectively?

Once HR Managers realize that HR document management software like Personio can help them, it’s much easier to manage, track, and keep employee and HR-related information up to date. Personio can also automate manual tasks (like writing referral letters) using templates, or by giving employees the power to update their own information (like a change of address or bank account details). Now, thanks to Personio, HR managers can regain their work-life balance and focus on doing what they were trained to do: help people get more value out of their work.

Benefits of HR Document Management Software

With HR Document Management Software like Personio:

  • Everyone has access to the documents they need, at their fingertips, at any time.
  • Documents can be created, based on templates (so there’s no need to duplicate effort).
  • Filing is a breeze (everything can be stored in custom-named directories).
  • Document access, retrieval and record-keeping is compliant with regulations as well as with GDPR requirements.
  • Documents can be previewed at the click of a button – so there’s no need to download and save old versions.
  • Employees have control over their own data – as well as the ability to upload their own documents (like qualifications or medical certificates).
  • People can even upload documents in batch files (so there’s no need to upload payroll files one by one, ever again!).
  • Spreadsheets are a thing of the past!

What Kind of Documents Can Be Stored by HR Document Management Software?

When you think about the entire employee lifecycle – from the moment that a prospective employee sees an advert on a job board for your company, or falls in love with your company branding and seeks out your jobs page, there is paperwork: lots and lots of paperwork!

This paperwork has to be stored in compliance with rules and legislations like GDPR, and even deleted at an appropriate time – including once an employee leaves a company or an applicant is turned down for a position. Personio helps store, access, edit and retrieve all these documents digitally. You can even set reminders so you don’t forget to delete documents.

Type of Employee Documents that Need to Be Managed Securely

  • CVs
  • Government / tax-related information such as P60s and even P45s
  • Performance and development documentation
  • Employee responses to surveys
  • Recruiting information
  • Benefits information – pension details, next of kin forms, stock options etc.
  • Medical and sick leave data – but not disability information
  • Resignation or retirement-related documentation
  • Job applications
  • Direct debit and bank account information
  • Work anniversaries – start date, end of probation date, years of service
  • KPIs or performance related information
  • Payroll information – salary slips
  • Annual leave and long-term leave accrual
  • Official government documentation – passports, ID documents, and National
  • Insurance numbers
  • Rewards and achievement recognition records

How to Stay on Top of Mountains of Paperwork

These mountains of paperwork are confidential and have to be stored securely. But, at the same time, many people across the business need access to these documents are various points in time. In the past it has fallen to HR teams to find the documentation, pull it out of secure storage and somehow (confidentially) get it to the relevant party who needs this information. Not any more!

Today, thanks to Personio: personnel data and HR documents can be stored in one place. Employees are able to upload their documents directly, including medical certificates and qualifications. As a result, not only is HR always in control, they also have an accurate, holistic overview of all employee documents, at all times. And because Personio is securely cloud-based, this means that relevant stakeholders can get access to any document they want (logically structured in file folders that make sense for your business), at any time, from anywhere. No more searching frantically for documents before you make that offer, or ‘losing’ an employee payslip!

And, since Personio lets you define access rights so that only the right people can see the relevant information, not only is your data secure: it’s also compliant with privacy laws.

Three Ways to Save Time and Hassle, and Improve Efficiency

  1. With Personio, documents and contracts can be created based on templates and stored in custom directories. If your HR team wants frequently-used documents available at their fingertips, Personio can help you do that. You can even import existing Word templates so you never have to write another referral letter from scratch again! Start with a template and customize it by updating it with the right information, quickly and easily.
  2. Tired of printing out individual payslips, saving them one-by one, or even posting them? With Personio you can use the automation feature to automatically upload payslips to a digital employee file so they can download their payslips themselves.
  3. Take back control of your time with Personio’s employee self-service facilities. Employees can upload documents such as sick leave certificates or other documents that provide proof of payment like ‘public transport tickets’, which are reimbursed by some employees in some countries, academic certificates, or leave requests.

Make Life Easier for HR: Add Real Value to Your Employees’ Lives

From the moment someone is hired until the day they leave or retire, having all employee-related documents in one place, with secure access control available in a GDPR-compliant, cloud-based system gives your HR team time to be people-people. The result is that HR has less pressure to do mundane admin work, documents are always up to date, and everyone can go home on time.

Personio helps you focus on people, not paperwork so everyone can do better work.

How much Leeway do you Have to Improve your HR Management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.