HR excellence with Personio & Pleo

HR and Finance are core valuable teams in each company. Still, both teams report a lack of alignment or close enough collaboration.

Through our partnership with Pleo and Personio we bring both investment based teams closer together to drive joint business success and facilitate easier collaboration.
Learn how leading companies are breaking down silos between HR and Finance to drive efficiency and growth.  

For more details about Personio and the integration, contact us directly.

    Personio x Pleo

    More efficiency between HR and finance teams

    Together in our partnership between Pleo and Personio, we empower HR and finance teams to work together more efficiently.

    Discover the full potential of more seamless processes and coordination between the two teams. In our joint activities, we talk to industry experts about practical tips, invite to panel discussions and bring HR and finance leaders together at events.

    Find out more about our joint activities.

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