Using Personio

Do I need special software or hardware to use Personio

No. Personio works on almost all devices and does not require any hardware / server on location. The only requirements are a web browser and an internet connection.

Can documents be filed and stored in the digital personnel file?

Yes, you can securely file and manage as many different types of documents as you wish (ex. employment contract, pay slip, etc.) in the digital personnel file. Employees can view and upload their documents themselves.

Is it possible to display an overview of employees's competences/skills

Yes. In the digital personnel file, you can assign employees as many attributes, representing competences, as you wish. The databasecan then be queried using specific attributes.

What data can be seen by my employees in Personio?

You are free to define which sections and functions each employee is able to view and edit. To do this, you can define specific roles (ex. HR Manager) and assign them to individual employees or employee groups.

Can I use the Recruiting-Module individually?

No. Every Personio plan can be booked with or without the Recruiting-Module (see prices). However, the Recruiting-Module cannot, at this time, be booked individually.