30. November 2020

Melanie Wolf, Customer Service Manager

At Personio, we strive to understand our customers and make them successful. After all, they are the reason we exist in the first place. Having #CustomerEmpathy is an essential priority, and thanks to our amazing Customer Operations & Success team, we are on our way to becoming Europe's leading HR platform. Read on to meet Melanie Wolf, from our team in Munich, and learn more about working as a Customer Service Manager at Personio.

How many languages do you speak?

I can speak: 🇩🇪 German 🇬🇧 English 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇫🇷 French (I understand it, but I cannot speak it anymore)

How did you decide to become a Customer Service Manager?

I had never "actively" planned to become a Customer Service Manager; I actually studied Political Science and Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy in university. After graduation, I worked at a hotel in Ecuador, and I enjoyed working with the customers there and the “start-up” atmosphere that the hotel had. After I came back to Munich and I was looking for a job in a company that had a similar atmosphere. I came across Personio and looked into the different jobs they offered at the time. Customer Service Manager seemed like a great fit considering that I loved working in a team and directly with customers so I decided to apply.

What attracted you to join Personio?

What attracted me to Personio the most was the fun atmosphere and the company values. I was looking for a company that had a similar atmosphere and would align with my values. Personally, the values of #Teamspirit and #SocialResponsibility resonated the most with me. And this is something that I saw throughout the entire recruiting process and made me feel welcomed and appreciated from my very contact with Personio. After one year working here, I realize how great it is to play my part in shaping and improving processes as a Junior Customer Service Manager. Personio is constantly evolving, and we have the opportunity to contribute to the overall journey of becoming Europe’s leading HR platform. #SeekToImprove

What does your typical working week look like nowadays?

If you look at my calendar, it is quite colorful 😄, which means days pass by quickly, and I never get bored.

Melanie Wolf Calendar

We start the day with our Daily Stand-Up meeting. In this meeting, we get updates about important numbers from the previous day as well as any other important news. Then, I have a certain amount of shifts per day, for which we use Zendesk. Essentially, this means being available on the phone or answering incoming emails. After those shifts, I normally need more time to answer any open tickets questions I could not answer during my shift (so-called backlog time).

Currently, I am also a Buddy for a new colleague in our team. So, I spend roughly an hour per day with her, onboarding her as best and as quickly as I can. In addition, I do ‘service offers,’ which means, for example, doing multi-hour training about a certain topic for a specific customer. The rest of my week is filled with other meetings, like the Mentoring Program I am part of, and some additional projects like conceptualizing new processes.

What has been your favorite Personio moment so far?

I think the most Personio moment I’ve had was in February 2020, when we were able to spend two weeks at our Madrid office with our Spanish colleagues. The trip started with an adventure:

As a sustainable-friendly company, we wanted to give an example of how much the value of #SocialResponsibility matters to us even when it comes to company projects like this exchange. So, two colleagues and I decided to go by train to Madrid to reduce our carbon footprint. We took a 36-hour train ride through Germany, France, and Spain. It ended up being a really fun trip, getting to know my colleagues better as well as discovering new places on the way. In Madrid, we lived in a gorgeous place in the heart of the city. It was awesome to experience the city from a local’s perspective and not simply as a tourist. Overall, we had a lot of fun in and outside the office, and our Spanish colleagues even took the time to show us the city after work.

After Work In Madrid
After work meeting at our Airbnb in Madrid (February 2020)

Which of our operating principles drives you the most?

My favorite operating principles are #SolutionsOverProblems and #SeekToImprove. I like these two principles because they help me focus on what I can change, and where I can learn new things instead of on what is going wrong. For example, I remember in the beginning I was frustrated with more technical questions as I had no previous knowledge in this field. So I started using my yearly development budget for a course about basic programming skills to deal with these questions. Additionally, we are setting up further training sessions for colleagues in their onboarding phase, focused specifically on more technical issues that we face in our daily interactions with our customers.

What advice would you like to have received at the beginning of your career?

I am somewhat of a perfectionist and can therefore struggle with situations where I do not feel 100% prepared but, it’s all about having a positive attitude and mindset. After all, there is (probably) no job in the world where I will know everything and do everything perfectly from the very beginning. The advice I would have liked to receive and especially embrace more would have been:

Be courageous and make mistakes in order to learn and see difficult situations as an opportunity to grow and not something to be scared of!

What advice would you give someone to be successful in Customer Service?

To be successful in customer service, you need to be patient, friendly, and put yourself in your clients’ shoes. We are always giving our best and love helping people! But you also need to be tough and not get too affected by interactions with difficult customers.

How would you describe your ideal team?

This sounds cheesy, but our current team is pretty ideal for me. This is another reason why I love working at Personio! We are always supporting and helping each other. We also laugh and joke a lot and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We hang out for lunch, but also after work or on the weekends. So, a lot of my colleagues have become my friends. Additionally, I appreciate that I can speak openly with our leaders about any issues that come up.

Would you like to be part of Melanie’s team?

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