26. May 2021

Meet Kálmán, Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager

Kálmán working on a laptop

At Personio we put a lot of importance on our people experience, including finding the right people to hire and the hiring process itself. Our Talent Acquisition team is the key player in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring talent.

Kálmán Györy has been with Personio for over two years and was recently promoted to Senior Talent Acquisition Manager (congrats!). We sat down with Kálmán to talk about what his job actually entails, his favourite tool, and what his team is looking for in new hires.

And yes, if you're wondering, we are hiring more Talent Acquisition Managers! So read on to learn about our Talent Acquisition team and then head over to our careers page and apply today.

What are your responsibilities as a Talent Acquisition Manager?

As a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, I’m responsible for multiple elements of the talent acquisition process. My primary focus is hiring roles that are the most challenging to fill (Engineering Managers, anyone?).

I also support in making high-impact decisions, participate in hiring meetings, and prepare data and content for our larger, quarterly retrospective meetings. Aside from that, managing various internal stakeholders and always keeping an eye out for improvement opportunities are key aspects of the job!

Kálmán in the Munich office (pre-pandemic).
Kálmán in the Munich office (pre-pandemic).

What does your typical day look like?

I am an early bird and like to kick off my day around 8:00am. When we’re in the office, I start off with a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal from our cereal bar. I’ll then spend the next hour or so answering emails and Slack messages, screening applicants for my assigned roles, and checking any candidate evaluations – all with some Rock music in my headphones.

Some days our team likes to kick off the day together with an informal team chat, which is a great chance to catch up and hear any interesting news from our other offices in Dublin, Madrid, and London. After that, the real work starts!

Usually a Talent Acquisition Manager will handle around four candidate interviews per day. I typically have two before lunch, and also mix in some project work and meeting prep. And then it’s time for lunch already! I either eat with colleagues in the office or go for a run if I’m at home.

After lunch we kick off the second half of the day with another coffee, of course! I answer any messages or questions from teammates before jumping into another round of candidate calls. Around 4:00pm I like to take a short break to move around and chat with other Personios. And to finish the day I go through Slack and email once more to tie up loose ends and set myself up for success tomorrow!

What has your career growth been like?

Before Personio I worked in several different companies, including an online marketing agency, a big tech corporation, and a small start-up. In my previous role as HR Manager I actually implemented Personio as a platform!

I’ve grown a lot since joining Personio a few years ago. We sometimes joke that three months here is like a year at another company with the amount of growth we experience! Things move fast, so I’ve learned how to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Many of my core skills have also improved, like communication, stakeholder management, feedback, and mentoring. Looking back, it can be exhausting at times, but it’s been a great forcing function to get me out of my comfort zone!

What do you like the most about your work?

A short list of my favorite things include:

  • The challenges – no pain, no gain!

  • The people I get to work with. They have great spirit, passion, vibes… just the perfect mix of professionalism and fun.

  • The amount of #Transparency across the whole company.

  • The impact we are having as a company on organizations and employees across Europe.

Petting pups takes top priority!
Petting pups takes top priority!

What tools, techniques, and teammates do you rely on the most throughout the day?

My fellow Personios are, without a doubt, the most important factors of success for me! I love sparring with people who will challenge my thoughts, ideas, and approaches. For example, I have regular coffee meetings with new joiners, as they often have fresh eyes and bring valuable new ways of thinking into our company. I also cannot overstate how awesome our Talent Sourcers and Coordinators are! They make us so much more effective and efficient.

In terms of tools, we have a whole host of them: Jira (for hiring planning), Confluence and Notion (for documentation), Slack (communication), Personio (funnel management), Calendly (candidate management), and G-Suite for everything else. If I have to name my favorite tool I’d probably say Calendly, as it allows international candidates to book time slots without any timezone hiccups.

How do you live out our company values in your day-to-day work?

For the Talent Acquisition team, our candidates are our customers, so we live out #CustomerEmpathy by constantly striving to provide an excellent candidate experience. #Ownership is a large part of our roles, as we drive ourselves and each other toward a common team goal.

As a team we help and mentor each other every day, which shows our #Teamspirit. And finally, having #Fun with informal meetings, team jokes, creating Slack emojis … all of that is equally as important!

What’s some advice you wish you had at the start of your career?

It’s the responsibilities and scope of a role which make you happy, not the title. And, if you want to be successful, always try to back your decisions with data.

Your team is hiring new Talent Acquisition Managers. What are you looking for in new teammates?

I would like to see someone who challenges us as a team and brings in fresh ideas and new approaches. And as long as they’re driven and have the right balance of professionalism and fun, that’s all we need!

B2B Run 2019
B2B Run 2019

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