10. April 2024

ITSG Certified: Payroll as it should be with Personio Payroll

ITSG Certification

In 2015, we founded Personio with the mission of helping small and mid-sized organizations unlock the power of their people. We sought to do this by building a holistic HR platform that would help them manage their employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle. 

Fast-forward nine years, and we now serve over 12,000 organizations across Europe with employees in over 82 countries across the globe. Over the years, we have also learned a lot from our customers, and continue to translate those lessons and that feedback into product improvements, extensions and innovations.

A missing piece of the puzzle 

One of the key things we learned is that, for the vast majority of organizations, payroll has been, and continues to be, a painful part of the employee lifecycle. Feedback which consistently found that: 

  • Managing payroll data is highly manual 

  • Ensuring accuracy continues to be a struggle 

  • Maintaining compliance is painful 

We were determined to solve these issues by building a payroll solution that was truly automated. But building an automated and intuitive solution that also meets the highest possible standards of accuracy and compliance didn’t happen overnight. Over multiple years and thousands of hours of focus, we have now built the payroll solution we always envisioned: Personio Payroll, instant, accurate and effortless. 

Message from Hanno Renner, co-founder & CEO of Personio

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Personio Payroll: Payroll as it should be 

Personio Payroll is a truly new way of doing payroll. You don’t need to be a payroll expert and can run accurate payroll in seconds with just one click. This frees up your valuable time, saves resources and removes the constant back & forth and chasing of deadlines:

  • Run payroll in seconds with one click: Your employee and payroll-relevant data is automatically synced & processed in the background, so you’re always ready to run & close payroll.

  • Payroll is accurate from the start: All of the relevant calculation rules & regulations are performed through a built-in validation engine so you don’t need to worry about them.

  • Compliance is fully automated: Every procedure related to social insurance and wage taxes is directly communicated to the authorities and any payroll changes are immediately visible so you can see the impact in real time.

The critical role of an ITSG certification

We’re also excited to announce that Personio Payroll is officially ITSG certified!  This is the highest seal of quality for a payroll solution, allowing seamless integration with the social security authorities. You have likely never heard about ITSG, so why should you care? Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Seal of Confidence: For many critical processes, there are rigorous certification requirements in place to ensure they can be trusted to perform tasks accurately. Just like TÜV for your car and ISO for organizational systems, ITSG certifies that payroll is calculated accurately and that its output can be communicated with social security authorities.

  2. Personio Payroll + ITSG: In developing a native payroll solution, accuracy has always been the highest priority. Now that Personio Payroll has passed the ITSG certification, we have the combination of an already unique payroll solution surpassing the incredibly high-quality standards of ITSG. Payroll in Germany is the 2nd most complex in the world and this certification validates the quality that we are able to offer our customers.  

  3. Enhanced Automation: With the addition of ITSG certification, Personio Payroll communicates directly with authorities, supporting the full employee lifecycle from new hires to retirees, including all required registrations.  Instances like long-term sick leaves (including eAU), A1, parental leaves and more are now directly communicated to the authorities with Personio Payroll and all necessary documentation is automatically created.

300+ Personio Payroll customers

After launching an early access program last year, we are humbled to see that 300 Personio customers have already decided to switch to Personio Payroll. Their feedback is validating the benefits of the solution as it is saving them time, resources and money in their monthly payroll cycle.

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Personio’s payroll offerings: What next? 

While Personio Payroll is the latest addition to our payroll offerings, we’ll continue to invest in products like preliminary payroll, which helps customers and partners gather and validate payroll information ahead of processing. We doubled-down in our integrations — most notably our integrations with DATEV LODAS & LuG — where our roadmap includes many features requested by our valued customers using those interfaces. 

In parallel, we are also further investing in our tax advisor partnerships and product features that help customers and their advisors work even more closely together on running monthly payroll cycles and exchanging data and critical documents. 

As a native payroll solution, Personio Payroll will also expand into other markets, in addition to the integrations that we already have and will be building for payroll providers across the world. All of these investments will help customers with employees in a multitude of countries run payroll efficiently across borders. 

Unlocking the power of people through payroll

Our mission is to help SMEs all over Europe unlock the potential of their people. By ensuring that employees are paid correctly, compliantly and on time, we help perform a key process in ensuring employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. 

If you want to learn more about Personio Payroll, the high standards we hold and learn more about how we can serve your payroll needs, we’re here to support you. 

Learn more here.

About Hanno Renner

About Hanno Renner

Hanno Renner is co-founder and CEO of Personio, the all-in-one HR software for SMEs. After his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, Hanno did his master’s in Munich, Auckland, and New York. Since 2015, he and his team have been helping small and medium-sized businesses across Europe unlock their potential by digitizing and automating HR processes.

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