28. May 2020

Learning on the Go: Our Favorite HR Podcasts in the Nordics

Our favourite HR Podcasts in the Nordics

Whether it's recruiting, people operations or HR analytics: According to the study „HR in the Nordics", the future of HR is digital and „companies are fit for the introduction of advanced, technology-driven HR processes“. Keeping up with all of these changes can be overwhelming though.

Fortunately, the Nordics are a goldmine for some of the best HR podcasts to equip you with all of the knowledge and tools you need to master the future of work. So, plug in your headphones and listen for yourself because we have compiled our favourite HR podcasts in the Nordics for you.

Whether you are a recruiter, HR manager or executive: In a time when the world of HR is constantly changing (hello Corona and the new normal), keeping up to date with changes in your industry is part of the job. Due to the mass of information, however, you have to find ways to use your limited time effectively. This is exactly where podcasts come into play.

Podcasts can provide you with knowledge on relevant topics without much effort, they can give valuable impulses and the best thing is: They are free!

We’ve scoured the wide genre of HR and recruiting podcasts in the Nordics and have put together a colourful selection of entertaining yet informative podcasts to help you make the most of your time at breakfast, on the way to work or during your lunch break. Have fun listening!

Agila HR Podden (SE)

It is not only since Corona that we have known that an agile and flexible HR is a decisive competitive factor. The working world and its requirements are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Frida Mangen, founder of Agila HR Podden, is of the same opinion:

I believe we are in a paradigm shift where we and our organisations need to think and work in new ways.

That is why Agila HR Podden is also the perfect online place to go for anyone who wants to clean up their HR processes.

Why we love it

Frida has a background as HR Manager herself and knows how to take a somewhat different and innovative look at the topic of “Agile HR" with her guests. Here, every listener takes inspiration for him- or herself.

Recommended episode: Agile HR with Pia-Maria Thorén (the mother of agile HR)

HR Viden (DK)

What does a healthy workplace look like? How do you control stress at work? And what is the best way to give your employees feedback? Find answers to these questions on HR Viden, one of Denmark’s leading HR podcasts. With inspiring discussions and practical tips, HR Viden equips you with the right tools to ensure healthy and happy employees.

Why we love it

With its topics centering around mental health, stress or resilience, HR Viden emphasizes an important point: People come first. We agree! In this time of crisis, the physical and mental well-being of employees is an important factor for companies. Especially the handling of “online fatigue”, the weariness of sitting in front of the screen, is a topic HR managers should deal with.

Recommended episode: Healthy and efficient home office environment

HR Digitaliseringspodden (SE)

If you want to understand what tech can do for your business with focus on employees, managers and HR, HR Digitaliseringspodden is the podcast for you. The podcast addresses issues, concepts and phenomena that HR may not have dared to ask.

  • What is digitalization really?

  • Why should we digitilize, for whom and what is possible with technology today?

It is the only podcast which has the focus of teaching and inspiring about digitalization and all the topics surrounding this.

Why we love it

Technology is only one aspect of digital transformation – but an important one. However, many HR managers do not want to admit that they are not so good at technology and don’t really know where to start applying it. In her podcast, Anna Carlsson asks and answers the right questions to guide HR managers through the technology jungle.

Technology is not the end goal, it should be used in a smart way where it makes sense for the benefit of the company and its employees.

Anna Carlsson, founder of HR Digitaliseringspodden

So if you are looking for information to promote digitalization in your company, you will definitely find it here.

Recommended episode: Preventing sick leave with the help of digital tools

Duunitori (FN)

Duunitori is Finland’s largest job search engine and is dedicated to making life easier for recruiters and recruiters. How? With its own and curated podcasts. They deal with topics such as employer branding, the future of HR and working life per se, and share personal career stories from HR experts and leaders.

Why we love it

The podcast is as versatile as its guests and topics. No matter whether you are looking for a concrete answer to HR or recruiting questions or whether you want to learn from a personal experience. Here, every HR lover will find something for him-/herself.

Recommended episode: Is this the future of HR? Look at the views of eight experts

HR-chefen (SE)

HR-chefen is all about learning from and getting inspired by Senior HR Directors from Sweden’s largest companies. It is about sharing experiences, best practices and advice. That includes for example Rebecca Lucander, People & Culture Manager at SAS, who is sharing a new digital process for employee surveys that enables employees to be more proactive, forceful and committed to the job, or Anne Charlotte Billing, Head of HR at Apollo Travel Group, talking about how to create a modern and profitable company.

Why we love it

“Listening to wise HR People is always a good idea”, says Per Brolin, founder and host of HR-chefen. We agree!

Recommended episode: All of them. So start with the first or the last one and create a new habit.

HR Talks Podden (SE)

The HR Talks Podden podcast is Sweden’s largest podcast focusing on HR challenges in business transformation and growth. Together with his guests (senior HR-leaders, CEOs or experts in a particular field), Tommie Cau, founder and host of HR Talks, deep-dives in a particular challenge or case in each episode which makes this podcast so special: The focus is more on the challenge itself than the person/guest as such.

Why we love it

HR Talks brings different perspectives and competences to the table, giving topics surrounding the HR transformation a new cut. Any HR leader or leader with a passion for HR should listen to this podcast because the episodes are concrete, sharp, straight to the point – with no bullshit bingo.

The icing on the cake: In the “listeners’ questions”, you can post questions to the guests in advance and with a little bit of luck, they get answered during the episode.

Recommended episode: Consequences and the future following the covid-19 pandemic with IMD Business School advisor Lars Häggström and HR-leader Siri Wikander.

This very young podcast from Denmark is all about HR that creates value and thus makes a difference in the company. With a mix of theory, strategy and practical tips, Ulrik Nerløe and his guests provide HR with specific tools and advice to help drive the change.

Why we love it

It’s all about the topic: Covid-19 made everyone (finally) realize that HR is the heartbeat of a company. HR keeps the company running. Only if the productivity of the employees, their motivation and their well-being are ensured, the company will grow. This ultimately requires a direct strategic influence of the HR team who only then can add value to the company and make a change.

Recommended episode: Behavioral Design