3. September 2021

Announcing Personio’s HR Celebration Day!

On September 15th, Personio wants to help companies and employees alike celebrate the contributions and hard work of their HR teams. Want to learn more about why and how? Read on for the full story.

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The Role HR Has Played

We strongly believe that HR is core to the success of any business, because they help manage its most important asset: people. 

As an HR Manager, the great work you do may be unseen or happen behind the scenes. You help facilitate the success of so many people, and we want to recognize that. 

For us, at Personio, that means eliminating some of your administrative burdens and making core HR as simple as possible. That’s why our HR software is designed to help you make time for more strategic topics that add real value, including: 

  • Building and maintaining a proper people strategy. 

  • Instituting hybrid work and a return to the office. 

  • Implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

  • Helping design and roll out performance management cycles. 

Whether these are things you’re already doing, or want to do, we know that HR Managers often put the best interests of their people above all else. So, why not celebrate that a bit?

Why HR Celebration Day?

This September, we want to help companies and employees take some time to recognize the contributions of HR, and the work they do to help businesses succeed.

Especially over the course of the pandemic, the amount of responsibility you would have taken on was immense. Almost overnight, HR Managers had to be in charge of things like transitioning to remote work, supporting employees, and helping businesses respond. 

And the results, for so many, was a resounding success. When you were given a spot at the strategic tabel, you helped businesses: 

  • Better support employees

  • Become more agile

  • Build greater business resilience to come out on top of the pandemic

So, because of all the great work you do, our team at Personio felt that HR Celebration Day would be a well-deserved and overdue golden opportunity to recognize and celebrate the work that you, as an HR Manager, do!

How Does It Work?

We asked employees across Europe to nominate their favorite HR person to receive a gift alongside a note telling them what exactly they appreciate about the work they do. 

There are likely a million different reasons why a colleague may have nominated you, but it could have included: 

  • Helping an employee through a difficult time. 

  • Focusing on creating better work-life balance for your organization. 

  • Changing processes to help employees feel more productive. 

  • Building initiatives to help employees feel heard (like through surveys). 

  • Remembering a special day in an employee’s life and celebrating it. 

For all these reasons, and many more, you’re now receiving a gift to celebrate the work you do in HR!

HR Celebration Day

HR Celebration Day Is September 15th!

From our team to yours, we want to wish you a very happy HR Celebration Day! Thank you for all of the work you have done, and will continue to do, and we hope you will feel supported along the way to continue to make time for more strategic initiatives.

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