5. December 2023

'Playtime is over: AI has reinvented HR' — Five takeaways from our whitepaper

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It’s been impossible to move without bumping into a headline about artificial intelligence this year. But amidst all the noise, AI offers real opportunities to HR teams — and we’ve gathered actionable insights and advice in our new whitepaper: Playtime is over: AI has reinvented HR

Below, you’ll find a summary of the key findings from the whitepaper. They’re based on interviews with experts and a survey of 1,500 HR managers across Europe, highlighting the crucial insights that can help businesses leverage AI effectively in their HR processes.

Senior leadership’s role in AI adoption

We found that 84% of HR managers have noticed a growing interest in AI adoption from senior leadership. This is a positive sign, as it means that businesses are increasingly recognising the potential of AI to improve HR practices. However, there's still room for improvement. Among HR managers not yet using AI, 74% reported a lack of interest from senior leaders. This suggests that there's a need for more education and awareness about the benefits of AI at the executive level.

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The whitepaper offers advice on financial forecasting and building business cases to support HR professionals in getting buy-in from leadership — that all-important piece of the puzzle for being successful with AI. 

Don’t delay getting started with AI

Our research revealed that 83% of HR managers believe AI tools can contribute to cost savings. However, 30% of HR professionals are not using any AI tools in their processes, potentially missing out on these financial benefits. The message is clear: don't wait too long to get started. 

In the full whitepaper, you’ll find tips you can apply in your day-to-day work to start seeing time-saving results straight away. 

Bridging the age divide in AI adoption

Our whitepaper highlights an interesting age divide in AI adoption. While 75% of senior HR professionals aged 18-44 are using AI tools, only 56% of those aged 44+ are doing the same. This disparity suggests that some HR professionals may be hesitant to adopt the new technology. The gap can be bridged through education and training, and it’s essential that nobody gets left behind.

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Quantifying the value of AI

If you're using AI in your HR processes, it's crucial to have a system for tracking and reporting its impact. Our research indicates that 93% of HR managers using AI tools believe they will see cost savings. However, only 63% have officially forecasted those savings. This lack of quantifiable data could make it difficult to justify continued investment in AI, and we expect to see a trend towards more rigorous reporting as we move into 2024. 

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Empowering your HR team with education and training

Our whitepaper emphasises the importance of education and training for successful AI implementation in HR processes. A whopping 96% of HR managers believe that some training is necessary to be successful with generative AI. 

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We also found that with increased education in AI, HR managers were more likely to say there would be no challenges in implementing AI in their organisation. As one of our contributing experts Dan Sodergren emphasised: “The more we know about AI, the less we worry about it and the more we are likely to use it.”

Conclusion: Unleash the potential of AI in HR

AI has the potential to revolutionise HR practices. By understanding the key takeaways from our whitepaper, businesses can harness the power of AI to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the employee experience. You can find out more by downloading the full study for free here

With thanks to our community of AI and HR experts:

Anna Jager-Elliott

Anna Jager-Elliott

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