17. May 2023

Personio launches Voyage by Personio, an education ecosystem for HR professionals at European SMEs

Voyage by Personio

London 17 May 2023: Personio, Europe’s leading HR software company for small and mid-sized businesses, has today announced the launch of Voyage by Personio, the first and only education ecosystem built specifically for the needs of HR professionals at European SMEs. 

The new platform will help HR professionals across Europe grow their skills via a wide range of formats, including quick references and articles, interactive courses, and networking opportunities. Voyage by Personio brings these learning and community resources into a central place, making it easier to stay current on issues such as industry trends and regulations, and learn how to deliver maximum impact from HR software. 

Jonas Rieke, Chief Operating Officer at Personio, said: “We’ve always put customers front and center of our activities at Personio, with a goal to enable better organizations. Through Personio Voyage we are delighted to also offer HR professionals the opportunity to connect, learn and grow their skills. In the fast-moving world of work we want to make sure that HR professionals don’t lose sight of their own development while they are focused on delivering great outcomes for their organizations.”

The free to use online learning platform will comprise three core elements:

  • The Voyager Academy, offering on-demand and interactive learning opportunities and skill badges that can be shared on social media

  • The Voyager Community, to build connections between thousands of HR professionals across Europe

  • The Help Center, to ensure customers are getting the most from Personio’s powerful products through searchable articles and references

Adam Avramescu, VP Customer Education at Personio, said: “Voyage by Personio creates a single hub where our customers and other HR professionals can come together to learn, both how to get the most from our products, and also how to grow in their careers. It will evolve with each user’s needs and career path, helping them to drive further effectiveness within their organizations, and building a network to foster conversation and career development.”

From the outset the Personio Voyager Academy will offer training content focused on use cases and scenarios to get the most from Personio’s HRM products to deliver immediate value. It will evolve to include best practice guides for HR professionals, industry credentials, community events, learning paths, webinars and localized resources that reflect the specific needs of HR professionals in different countries. 

Press enquiries:

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About Personio:

Personio is the People Operating System for small and medium-sized companies with 10 to 2,000 employees. Based in Munich, London, Madrid, Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam, Personio’s mission is to make HR processes as efficient and effective as possible so HR can focus on what matters most: people. Personio does that by offering an all-in-one HR software that includes human resources management, recruiting, talent management and payroll. With People Workflow Automation, Personio helps more than 8,000 customers across Europe to remove delays and realise opportunities.