The flexible platform built for HR impact

Automated, insightful and adapts to how you work with compliance built in.

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    Upgrade your HR team from spreadsheets to strategy

    Without Personio

    The old way
    • Increasing attrition: employees have no visibility into their growth or development.

    • Higher costs: inefficient workflows and high turnover damage the business.

    • Admin overload: HR teams only have time for spreadsheets, not strategy.

    • Dusty databases: people data is stored haphazardly, resulting in inaccuracy.

    With Personio

    The new way
    • Healthier culture: employees stay motivated, happy and productive.

    • Reliable ROI: automation of key HR tasks makes organisations more effective.

    • Better insights: HR can bring data-backed perspective and ideas to leadership.

    • Clean centralisation: people data is stored in one secure, compliant place.

    Why choose Personio?

    Better employee experience

    Streamline everything from recruiting to offboarding.

    Rapid ROI and support

    Fast implementation, fast benefits, ongoing support.

    Connect to over 200 apps

    Integrate your tools to maximise their value.

    Compliance and data security

    Built to meet all regulations in the UK and Europe.

    Daily time freed up
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    Fewer admin tasks
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    Reporting automated
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    Helpful HR content to get you started

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