Personio Partner Program for Product Partners

Join the Personio Marketplace and create real value for your customers. Connect your software solution to Personio, via our open API, and allow your customers to transfer their data automatically between systems. Create direct added value for your customers, expand your product portfolio, and become part of the Personio community. Best of all, we’re here to support you through the entire process.

    Personio Partner Program for Product Partners

    How do I become a Personio Product Partner?

    First, simply fill out the form below. After successful submission, it will be reviewed by our Partner Manager. If your software solution fits Personio and meets our requirements, we will provide you with a developer account and our interface documentation. This will contain detailed information on how to set up the interface. During this time, our Partner Manager is always available to answer your technical questions.

    After successful development of the interface and the provision of technical documentation on your part, we jointly check the functionality of the interface in a quality check. If the interface meets all the requirements, there’s nothing in the way of going live!

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      4. Development
      5. Technical Documentation
      6. Technical Qualitycheck
      7. Support and Marketing Material
      8. Integration Release

      Minimum Requirements

      To become a Personio Product Partner, you should meet the following criteria: 

      • Your focus is on small and medium-sized businesses.

      • You already have customers using Personio.

      • The interface you develop offers real added value for our mutual customers.

      • You operate in our strategic European markets.

      • You will provide customer support in case of any queries or problems regarding the interface.

        Minimum Requirements Partner Tech

        Your Benefits

        As a Personio partner you can:

        • Expand your reach to potential customers through membership of our 130 strong Partner Community

        • Access our 10000 strong EMEA focused customer base via your marketplace listing on our website as well as in-app

        • Increase customer satisfaction and retention through promotion of the relationship with Personio

        Get a full overview of all partner benefits in our Partner Program.

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