How digitally mature is your HR function?
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Digitally mature HR teams are better equipped to excel at people operations. How much of your HR team’s potential is trapped in manual processes and administrative tasks?

Learn more about  your organization’s HR Digital Maturity level and how to unlock HR’s full potential today.

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The HR Digital Maturity Scorecard – What can you expect?

Our scorecard will allow you to objectively analyze your current HR Digital Maturity level, discover areas of untapped potential, and get actionable insights into how you can increase the resilience of your HR department.

The assessment of your HR Digital Maturity will provide a blueprint to support you in each phase of your digital transformation journey. HR Digital Maturity describes the current extent to which your company’s HR function is digitized.

What will you get?

  • Free access to the HR Digital Maturity assessment.
  • Your very own customized HR Digital Maturity Scorecard.
  • An analysis of untapped areas of potential and proposed solutions.
  • A report including your results and additional information, which

    can be used for internal purposes.

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This is how it works:

1. Fill in the contact form.
2. You’ll receive the link to the test via email.
3. Take the test (it only takes 15 min).
4. Get your individualized results.
5. Get an in-depth report for internal purposes.

*Optional: Allow us to present and discuss opportunities that will help unlock your full HR potential.

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