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Hire the talent you need, fast

Focus on your candidate experience and ensure that you hire high-impact employees every time. Automate recruitment tasks, streamline collaboration and build a seamless hire-to-onboard experience across the entire funnel.

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    Pinpoint your highest potential candidates

    Keep every application from each channel in one place. Easily highlight promising candidates and reject those who aren’t suitable. Ensure your team always makes the right decision with automatic reminders to share timely, standardised evaluations.

      Personio ATS HR software for SMEs

      Save time to focus on top talent

      Reduce delays with bulk actions, auto-responders and CV parsing. Share vital information and clear to-dos with internal stakeholders. Automate time-consuming tasks like interview scheduling so you can focus on your most promising candidates.

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        Move offers into onboarding instantly

        Secure your ideal candidates. Create offer documents quickly using templates, send legally binding offers via eSignature and convert candidates into employees in one click. Start onboarding before your competition realises they’re off the market.

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          Optimise hiring with key insights

          Gain insights on vital data such as time to hire and channel performance. Quickly share reports with executives for in-depth analysis. Use this information to maximise your recruitment efforts and ensure you can hire the talent you need.

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