Employment Verification Letter Sample You Can Use Today

Employment verification letters help provide valuable information to businesses. We help you go over what they are, why you should write one and even provide you with a handy sample and template to start writing your own today.

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What is an Employment Verification Letter? 

An employment verification letter (EVL), also referred to as a proof of employment letter, is a document that an employer uses to write and confirm the employment status of their current or former employees. 

A verification letter usually includes information such as: 

  • Employment start or end dates 

  • Salary information 

  • Additional details of employment 

In general, employment verification letters are quite brief, ranging only between 50 and 100 words. An employer should avoid providing any additional information, like an evaluation of work, that wasn’t asked by the business that has requested the verification letter. 

Why Might an Employment Verification Letter Be Needed?

An employee is readily able to request an employment verification letter. Usually, it will happen for one of four core reasons: 

  • Immigration benefits such as green cards, work visas, or B-1 temporary business visas. An employee will often request that their company act as a sponsor for one of the above-mentioned immigration visas. 

  • The employee is making a large purchase. Their landlord or lender wants to make sure that they have a steady monthly income that they can use to pay. 

  • The employee might be requesting the verification letter because they want a loan payment deduction and the bank wants to see a document for their current income. 

  • It can happen that an employee wants to pursue other opportunities and their new employer requires information for their background check. 

Employment Verification Letter: What To Include?

The information that you will provide in an employment verification letter will always depend on the information that the third party requests. You will also need to check with your legal department to see what information you can share with other businesses and third parties (as you want to avoid violating any policies or laws). 

Usually, an employment verification letter will include some or more of the following information: 

  • Address of the employer

  • Reason for requesting the employment verification letter

  • Name of the business or third party that requests it

  • Employee information that the business may need, including:

    • Name and surname

    • Date when they started working in the company

    • The job titles the employee had while working in the company

    • Their salary, usually in the yearly interval 

    • Why they no longer work for the company (if applicable)

The employment verification letter is an official document of your business so it should be written on the official business letterhead.

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Requesting a Proof of Employment Letter: Create A Process

Employment verification letters are quite common. Depending on the size of your organisation, it may be a good idea to create a process for requesting and creating letters. 

Start within your HR department. Consider crafting a template which you can save to your HR software to be sent out for customisation and signing, as needed. Ensure that this document is reviewed by your legal team and everything is set. 

Then, think about the best way for your employees to request a letter. Do you have an HR help desk on hand? Can employees easily submit tickets to talk to professionals? Or, do they have to flood inboxes with cumbersome emails? 

Either way, think about the best way to support your employees if they need something like a proof of employment letter. It can be a key part of your overall employee experience. 

Sample Employment Verification Letter

Employment Verification Letter Template

[Your company’s full legal name]

[Your company’s full address]

[Date of writing the letter]

[Full legal name of the business or third party requesting the verification letter]

[Their full address]

To Whom It May Concern,

Let this letter serve as the verification of the employee [State the full name of the employee]. 

They have been employed at [Your company’s name] and the information you seek is found below: 

  • [Requested information 1]

  • [Requested information 2]

  • [Requested information 3]

  • [Requested information 4]

  • [Requested information 5]

  • [Requested information 6]

In case you need any additional information or have questions, feel free to contact [Name of the person] at [email] or [contact information of the person].


[Name of the person signing/approving the employment verification letter]

[Position in the company of the person signing/approving the letter]

[Their company’s name]

Looking at the template above, an employment verification letter sample would look like this:

Employment Verification Letter Sample

Untitled Company

123 Fake Street

March 14th, 2023.

Untitled Company

124 Fake Street

To Whom It May Concern,

Let this letter serve as the verification of the employee Anna Johnson. 

They have been employed at Personio and the information you seek is found below: 

  • Employee full name: Anna Sophie Johnson

  • Employment starting date: June 11th, 2014

  • Employment ending date: October 31st, 2022

  • Last job title: Senior data analyst

  • Salary on their last job: £75,000

  • Reason for leaving: Professional development

In case you need any additional information or have questions, feel free to contact John Doe.


John Doe 

Head of HR,

Frequently Asked Questions: Employment Verification Letters

When Is An Employment Verification Letter Necessary?

Whenever your company/business/third party wants to verify certain information about the employee such as his previous employment, salary or job title. 

How To Write An Employment Verification Letter?

To write an employment verification letter, you should follow the instruction from the “Employment verification letter template” subheading.

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