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What we Do

Our goal is to become the market leader for HR software in Europe. As marketing professionals, we support Personio’s growth, promote the brand and generate leads for our sales team. We particularly emphasize understanding the challenges and problems of our target groups to utilize them for the development of smart and creative marketing initiatives.

About us

Content & Web

We create content for our blog and website that enables HR Managers to become better in their jobs and build a web experience for customers and job applicants, help them to navigate through our offerings and convert users to leads.


We make Personio recognized as a brand through an aesthetically pleasing and trustworthy visual appearance.  


We create unique live experiences through own events like H.U.G to win new customers and foster local HR communities as well as participate in 3rd party conferences to generate leads and drive brand awareness.

Performance Marketing

We generate leads and drive brand awareness through SEA, paid social and other performance driven channels by working highly analytical and data driven. 

Product Marketing

We build the foundation for other marketing channels through defining the positioning and value based messaging of Personio’s product offering. Enabling sales to apply this messaging in direct conversations with customers and prospects. 

PR & Campaigns

PR is communicating with the broader market about digitalization of HR and how Personio enables HR managers to have more time for tasks that truly create value while our outbound marketing campaigns are created and executed for direct marketing and paid channels to generate leads.

Marketing Mission

The mission of the marketing team is to generate valuable leads for the sales team and to build brand and problem awareness in our target audience.

What we stand for

We are data-driven marketers who enable Personio’s growth by generating valuable leads.

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