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No more endless paperwork – our HR software puts an end to administrative madness and simplifies every HR process.

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Why Personio?


Supports your unique requirements and adapts as your business changes.

Loved in Europe

Proven solution in a highly complex and regulated business market.

Perfect for SMBs

Delivers fast time to value for small- and medium-sized businesses.

All-in-One Solution

Streamlines every HR process, from recruitment to offboarding.

Testimonial Background

Over 8,000 Happy Customers

We value regular exchange with our customers very highly, as it helps us ensure that Personio will continue to offer maximum value and maintain its high standard of quality. What our customers say about working with Personio:

I wouldn’t be able to do any of the more added-value things without the automation Personio provides. It offered a great level of personalisation which meant we could design workflows suited to our unique processes.

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Mindful Chef

It’s not just HR, our hotel managers use Personio to upload employee documents and gain insights. For me, it’s a great all-round product. I’m pleased I can map all HR tasks with a holistic solution.

Cristina Antoniu

Cristina Antoniu

Premier Inn