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Integrations with Personio: Recruiting


A video says more than a thousand written words. A real impression of the applicant and his motivation in just 30 seconds saves you valuable time and helps to identify qualified personnel in no time at all.

JobUFO offers you this impression. JobUFO replaces the cover letter, which always sounds the same, with a short, meaningful application video.

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Why JobUFO

Recruiting with JobUFO
Video, curriculum vitae, attachments, contact details – the digital application folder. JobUFO brings you to the centre of your target group and meets the smartphone generation at eye level. JobUFO also presents your jobs in a media appealing way, plays your applications automatically into Personio and offers your future employees a modern way of applying.

Core Functionalities

  • Video application
  • Fully automated integration
  • Applications transferred directly into the system

What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface
Thanks to the close technical cooperation between Personio and JobUFO, your job advertisements are mirrored in the JobUFO app with just a single click. Nothing changes for you except that you will receive a higher number and more meaningful applications.

Transfer of Data
The applications (video, curriculum vitae, attachments and contact details of the applicant) are automatically imported into Personio by JobUFO.

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Contact JobUFO

Customers purchase an annual license, the price of which is based on the number of employees in the company. JobUFO will personally guide you through the onboarding process and is always available for help. Please contact the Head of Growth Matthias Lange ( for questions or a live demo.

Offer: JobUFO makes you as a Personio customer a special offer! Upon conclusion of the contract, you will be exempted from the one-time provision costs. Depending on the size of your company, you can save up to 5.000,00 Euro. Book your non-binding demo now! Simply state the keyword “Personio customer” when contacting JobUFO.