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What's Next for HR?

The year 2020 has thrust HR leaders into the spotlight and demonstrated the value of strategic HR, in general. Looking ahead, how can HR continue to play a more strategic role in business?

The checklists, best practices, expert interviews, and articles found on this page are designed to help HR successfully navigate through current challenges and prepare your organization for the future.

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Next Generation HR

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What's Next For HR?

A Personio study into the future of HR in the era of Covid-19.

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Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Evangelist at Peakon

How to predict and take action to prevent employee departures.

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Why HR Needs to Get Their Digital Act Together Now!

Digitalization in HR

Why HR Needs to Get Their Digital Act Together Now!

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Hilary Klassen, Co-founder & CEO at Bestselfy

Elevating key strengths to optimize performance at work.

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Whitepaper: Mission Possible

An an HR leader, you know your departments needs to digitalize. But, you’re stuck on how to start? Here’s a great place to start, with our help.

Whitepaper Solution Of Choice

Whitepaper: The HR Solution for Growing Companies

Learn how to support your growing company with fast hiring and strategic personnel decisions.


Remote Work

Nina Rogler, Employer Branding Manager at Personio

Practical tips for keeping remote employees engaged and connected.

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In an absence management system, you can easily submit, process and approve applications.

Ready to Be a Remote-First Company?

Is ‘remote-first’ right for your business? What will it take to change?

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A new employee is introduced to the company via remote onboarding.

7 Tips For Your Remote Onboarding

A clear, structured remote onboarding process for new employees.

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Remote Work

Teamwork From Anywhere – The Best Collaboration Tools

Productive and efficient ways for teams to work together online.

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Home Office with Children

Checklist: Home Office with Children

This checklist gives you ideas for working efficiently and keeping your children happy at the same time.


Checklist: Remote Onboarding

From equipment to getting to know each other; Guarantee a strong start even from a distance.


Culture & Engagement

Leadership Lessons from FC Bayern Munich

Leadership, Core Values and Team Spirit

Julia Willer, Human Resources manager at FC Bayern Munich, about development across the business.

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Sophie Theen, Chief People Officer at Oakam

How HR can successfully champion mental health at work.

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Adidas Speaks Out

Why diversity and inclusion matters to the bottom line and how to build a successful strategy.

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Checklist: Corporate Culture Guide

Greater productivity, efficient hiring, more revenue: Corporate culture can be a powerful weapon for your business. Learn more now.

Employee Motivation

Checklist: Employee Motivation

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for employee motivation. Here are 31 things you can do to keep your employees motivated.


Foster Your Team Spirit

Cooking with colleagues while working from home

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