This is how Tado used Personio to increase efficiency in their HR processes

Industry: High Tech

About: tado° GmbH is a technology company and manufacturer of intelligent home climate solutions and produces thermostats and smart air conditioning controls.

Verena Lanzinger Tado

Verena Lanzinger
Head of HRM

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Personio?

First of all, we wanted to get rid of our excel lists with employee data by using a system where all data is stored and easy to access. As we were growing continuously, we also had to increase the efficiency and quality of our onboarding and vacation approval process. Therefore, we were looking for a software that was easy to implement and work with.

Get rid of excel sheets

Improve onboarding processes

Easy implementation

percent saved in HR admin work


problems integrating with Leapsome

What do you like best about Leapsome?

I enjoy the various configuration possibilities for skills. This allows for a significantly more in-depth performance assessment. Additionally, it is nice to see that the team is very open regarding new features which makes my job easier to implement the software.

Tado Produkt

I can totally recommend integrating Leapsome into Personio as it will save a lot of manual work for HR teams.

What has your experience been with implementing the integration between Personio and Leapsome?

It was really easy, we did not face any problems while integrating. All we were required to do was inserting our Personio client ID. Everything else happened in the backend with Leapsome communicating with Personio’s API and exchanging the data flawlessly without us having to take action in any way.

What are the benefits of using both softwares in an integrated way?

We, as an HR team, do not have to manually add a new user every single time we have a new hire. This increases usability by a lot. The only thing that can be improved: We have to actively send new employees an invitation to join leapsome. This shows potential for automatisation.

What would you say to those considering integrating Personio & Leapsome?

I can totally recommend to integrate Leapsome into Personio as it will save a lot of manual work for HR teams. It is super easy to set up and will save everyone a lot of time which then can be invested into value-generating topics like recruiting or employee development.

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