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About the company: MediaShop is a direct response TV agency that has experienced high-growth and evolved into an internationally successful multi-channel business in recent years. The company currently operates seven offices across Europe and markets its products to 11 core markets from its headquarters in Neunkirchen, Austria.

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Magdalena Rautinger
Magdalena Rautinger

Head of HR

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The Challenge

A new solution was urgently needed. That’s what Magdalena Rautinger, MediaShop’s Head of HR, realised as the company planned to enter a new market. After all, efficient HR work was already a struggle with the department’s existing resources, explains Magdalena:

“We grew quickly and as a result, our organisational complexity increased and our HR work needed to be approached from an international perspective. Yet we didn’t have a centralised system. We did a lot of work on paper or in spreadsheets, which weren't available to everybody. When people were on leave, we couldn’t always deal with our workload."

HR spent two to five days every month on reporting and at least three hours every day on standard recruiting tasks.

Inconsistent Excel analysis was another issue that bugged Magdalena Rautinger. “Some evaluations were based on FTEs and others on headcounts. Ultimately, we often couldn’t remember how calculations had been prepared.” Not only that, but analyses were also very time-consuming for everybody involved:

“We spent a full two days every month on reporting. For annual reports we actually needed five days,” Magdalena remembers. For her, the solution was obvious: “Either we needed to employ more staff in HR or we needed to digitise and automate and roll out an electronic HR tool.”

  • Processes out-of-step with growth

  • No centrally stored employee data

  • Time-consuming, error-prone evaluations

hours per day saved on recruiting
reporting queries by management
days less per month needed for reporting

I’ve never experienced such outstanding support during an implementation phase ​–​ and we already had very high expectations.

The Decision

Being a fan of digitised, automated processes, Magdalena had already investigated innovative solutions two years before. At the time, the HR team decided on a recruiting tool that turned out to be incapable of keeping up with evolving internal processes. “Ultimately, we even went back to working with our Excel spreadsheets,” she explains.

When MediaShop decided to acquire a company in a new market, their Head of HR made another attempt. “We created a trial account with Personio and were thrilled about the options the tool offered. We started thinking about how we would be able to map our processes in Personio and which interfaces we would need as early as during the trial phase,” Magdalena continues.

Having a background in the technology industry, she was particularly impressed with Personio’s implementation. “I’ve never experienced such outstanding support during an implementation phase ​–​ and we already had very high expectations.”

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The Result

Personio is now the company’s central HR platform and a fixture in the HR department’s daily work. Whereas sending documents to each employee individually used to be a cumbersome process, all data and updates are now easily stored in Personio’s digital employee files.

The employee self-service function allows employees to manage personal information autonomously and to view documents, saving HR a lot of time. “Also, managers and colleagues in recruiting, administration and IT no longer need to spend so much time typing up emails and attaching documents ​–​ all this is done at the click of a button in Personio.”

In the past, we had to calculate fluctuation manually, whereas now management can generate a report at the click of a button.

Reporting is another really useful function for the HR team. “Just a little while ago, our executive management team wanted to have a Spanish letter translated. It just took a single click and Personio showed me that we have eight employees in the company who speak fluent Spanish.”

Thanks to the reporting function, the executive team saves a lot of time when analysing and evaluating HR data. “In the past, we had to calculate fluctuation rates manually, whereas now management evaluates these and other parameters at a click. And we hardly get any questions from management anymore.”

  • Time saved with automated processes

  • Fast and reliable evaluations

  • Greater efficiency thanks to using a central HR platform

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

The fact that data is managed centrally, reliably, transparently and above all, securely, is particularly valuable to MediaShop’s HR team. “We save about three hours work every single day in recruiting and communication with candidates. Reporting has become much more efficient and HR administration is now seamless,” says Magdalena Rautinger.

And for her, the intuitive design of the software constitutes another particular plus. The Head of HR has no doubt: “Personio is a really well-rounded, successful tool that we’re all very happy with.”

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