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Industry: Food and Beverage

About the company: HelloFresh is the world’s largest delivery service for cooking boxes and sends over 30 million meals a month to around 1.25 million customers in ten countries. Founded in November 2011, HelloFresh, headquartered in Berlin, already has more than 2,500 employees (500 of them in Germany).

Julian Lürcken - HelloFresh

Julian Lürken
Global Head of HR


The Challenge

Being a young company, HelloFresh was working with a range of Excel-based solutions for vacation, sick leave, preliminary payroll, etc. There was a standard Excel spreadsheet that employees used to prepare their own lists. Everything was done manually: entering information, printing out lists, and passing them on to HR. The system was not only prone to mistakes and time-consuming to maintain but it lacked transparency. Once the company reached a certain size, it needed a single, comprehensive solution.

While a comprehensive system is one thing, customizability can be quite another. HelloFresh has technology-focused teams where processes are not necessarily run by the most senior person, but sometimes also the specialist or technical manager, for example, the product or project manager. As a result, the company needs highly customizable approval and reporting processes.

Eliminate lists

Single, comprehensive solution

Customized role concept


million meals per month

reduced onboarding steps

The Requirements

Ensuring that standard processes such as entering and maintaining vacation, sick leave, and master data run flawlessly was crucial for HelloFresh, as were ease of use and a seamless integration with payroll accounting. As a publicly-traded company, HelloFresh needed to be diligent about compliance. In terms of software, this meant meeting the most stringent data protection standards, making it essential that all servers are located in Europe (which is fully the case with Personio).

Stringent compliance

Integration with payroll accounting

Ease of use

HelloFresh - HR team photo

Personio has allowed us to do away with so many internal emails. Relevant information is sent out automatically – our onboarding processes have become absolutely seamless.

How Personio Supports HelloFresh

According to Julian Lürken, HelloFresh’s Global Head of HR, the company’s onboarding processes have clearly benefited from the implementation of Personio. Endless emails have now been replaced with clear, standardized, and automated process: HR creates a new employee, and Personio triggers the entire process to ensure that new colleagues receive all of the hardware they need, have access to relevant information, are invited to selected meetings, etc. – all without anybody needing to even think twice. HelloFresh also saves time in its master data management and preparatory payroll accounting. In the past, employees manually noted information, scanned documents, and sent them to HR and payroll accounting. These days, employees save their own data in Personio. HR has access to it and is able to process this data.

Where does the company see more need for action, what challenges are there for HR, both currently and going forward? HelloFresh uses the reporting tool in Personio to identify relevant developments, both positive and negative. As just one example of the reports available in Personio, the tool provides staff turnover statistics over defined periods of time at the click of a button.

Why HelloFresh chose Personio

HelloFresh had already trialed another HR software for a year before choosing Personio. However, the other tool was not a hit with employees. As a result, the company started looking for another solution.

We really feel that Personio wants us to succeed.

As HelloFresh had grown, it even looked at large providers such as Oracle. But, when Personio and HelloFresh sat down together to go through various use scenarios, it soon became evident that they were a good fit. After HelloFresh’s department heads had also given their nod of approval, having been introduced to the tool in workshops, the company was entirely on board.

Right from the start, solid customer support was a decisive factor for HelloFresh’s choice of Personio, as the company is still growing and wants to keep customizing its tools.

Migrating existing data to Personio from the previous tool was done quickly and flawlessly, partly due to the fact that a solid database had already been created.

Only a month after the contract was signed, Personio was ready for use, focusing initially on absences (leave, sick leave), followed by preparatory payroll accounting. Additional functions will be rolled out gradually.

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