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About the company: GoSpooky is a social-first media company that creates content for international brands of all kinds. Stationed in the Netherlands, their mission is to transform the way social content is created and consumed — leaving an impression that lasts.

Emilie van der Lande, GoSpooky

Emilie van der Lande
People & Culture Director

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The Starting Position

Emilie van der Lande joined GoSpooky as their People & Culture Director in March of 2020. At the time, the company had no official HR function. That meant everything was either done manually or saved somewhere online with little-to-no rhyme or reason. Emilie needed to start things from scratch, in almost every way. 

There was no strategy, there were no processes.

Especially with growth happening so fast, GoSpooky needed a people-focused direction. As Emilie puts it, “When you are growing so fast, you need to be heading toward a focus on people…to make sure that your people are developing in the right way, and to get clarity on what their roles and responsibilities are within the company.”

Lack of processes, strategy, and too much manual work

An approach that wasn’t scaling with their international ambition

A lack of centralized HR data for quick and clear reference



HR Manager

It is always better to start working with a digital HR platform sooner than later.

The Decision

Emilie knew that digitizing GoSpooky’s HR needed to happen, and fast. She knew how important it was to implement a digital solution, and in her own words, “I think the functionalities that we were looking for looked great within Personio. They really ticked the boxes that we set in advance of our research.” That included defining processes, requesting and managing absences, an overview of days off, tracking to-dos (like employment agreements and extensions), and empowering employees by setting clear responsibilities. This meeting of their needs led them to choose Personio. 

Emilie was especially pleased that Personio offered a software that could evolve with GoSpooky and their international efforts: “For us, it was very important that the HR platform could grow with the company. That is also one of the reasons why we have chosen Personio.” Personio could help support and scale their teams. Given Emilie’s legal background, this also meant a software that was made in Europe and could guarantee GDPR compliance.

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The Implementation

As part of their implementation process, Emilie received a comprehensive and realistic vision from the team at Personio. She puts it this way: “You could really see, per week, how many hours you should spend on what. To be honest, it worked exactly like that.” 

I had all my data, always with me, because everything was digital.

And, the results spoke for themselves, “implementing Personio was almost fun. After we introduced it, I received a lot of positive feedback.” For employees at GoSpooky, Personio was easy to use, intuitive, and made Emilie’s work easier, as well.

The Result

It wasn’t simply that employees loved using Personio. Now, Emilie always has almost immediate and accurate access to the data that she needs during important conversations. Especially when working remotely, everything is centralized and is only ever one click away. Instead of having cupboards full of documents and an unstructured drive, now everything was always in its place.

For Emilie, this is a complete gamechanger. On a daily basis, she knows how many employee agreements are outstanding, can see work schedules at a glance, and it’s all offered in a nice and easy-to-use reporting function right within Personio.

High level of employee engagement and satisfaction

Data is always close-at-hand to power strategic decisions

A clear overview of employee data to deliver strategic insights

What do you appreciate most about Personio?

Emilie’s life, and those on the People Team at GoSpooky, is much easier thanks to the introduction of Personio. They stay on track with all of their relevant to-dos, and it’s all bolstered by positive feedback from employees using it. “It makes the life of a People Team much easier. We are really on top of our data, and what makes me very happy, is that I get really positive feedback from employees. So far, it has also proven that it can support the success and growth of GoSpooky.”


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