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People @ Personio – Miguel, Engineering

Miguel Personio

Today we want to introduce you to Miguel from our IT team. Miguel is originally from Madrid, Spain and joined us as a Senior Developer a few months ago.


Hi Miguel! Thank you for taking the time speaking to us. Would you first explain what you are exactly doing at Personio?

I am Developer, what means that I have to build the features of Personio, working together with my partners, trying to make them work as smooth as possible and breaking as little as possible in the process ;-).

When did you join Personio and how did you hear about the company?

I joined Personio on September last year. Previously I was working in Spain, and I got in touch with Personio via source{d}, which is a company that finds developers for other companies. I also worked with the other source{d} team members, while developing Tyba, their previous adventure.

So why did you go for Personio in particular?

After a Skype with Arseniy I liked the vision Personio Founders have and the feature road map and I decided to go for it. After a few more talks and tests I came to Germany for an Onsite interview and I liked the team because I felt comfortable since the first moment and… here I am :-).

Have you been in touch with HR issues before or rather what means Human Resources for you personally?

To me, HR is about managing a team in a way that it doesn’t really seem that anyone is managing them.

I think it is a field not much people know about, because we come to work and do not realize that there are people managing us in the background, taking into account if we can have our holidays or not, if we were paid or not, and a lot of other things. Probably, we only realize about them when there is an error in the process and we get very angry. I think that Personio can help to make all that nicer and simpler for all of us.

That’s an interesting way of explaining it!

In the next step, would you please finish the following phrases for us:

A good team for me includes friendship.

The best thing at my current job is that I am playing with a lot of new things and technologies and that is challenging.

My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII.

If it would be possible I would tell my fourteen-year-old-me that eating burgers, kebab, pringles, doughnuts and snacks every day, will not be so cool in the future.

The biggest challenge in regards of moving to Munich/Germany was the brutal difference in culture and everyday life. We are so close but so different at the same time. I was kind of scared. Now it is mostly about the German language.

The most weird German word I’ve learned so far is: there is a bunch of them, wherever you open the dictionary, there is a weird word like Feuerwehrzufahrt or Blitzableiter. But in my first week I needed to know Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, Kreissverwaltungsreferat and Haftpflichtversicherung and I could not even read them the first time.

My favorite is still Kugelschreiber.

I am pretty sure that learning German isn’t easy. To be honest, I’m glad I do not have to learn German from scratch.

Thank you for this interview! It was nice getting to know you better.


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