Four things every talent acquisition lead needs to know

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Recruitment leaders often get a rough ride, constantly under pressure to do more with less. But by adopting a long-term approach, you can transform talent acquisition (TA) from a reactive scramble into a strategic powerhouse. 

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to become a business leader

  • How to build a ‘talent magnet’ 

  • How to respond to recruitment trends

  • How to focus on the right data

Your HR expert

Phil Blaydes’ experience spans Silicon Valley and Europe. He has been the Head of Talent in fast-growing start-ups, a COO, a CMO, a community leader and more. 

He’s the founder of HIGHER, the world’s largest TA community in tech, and Talentful, a global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider with a turnover of $40 million.

In this Personio Masterclass, he shares his expertise, along with real-life examples, to help you become the best TA leader possible. This is what Phil wishes he knew when he was starting out in TA.

    Phillip Blaydes

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