Integrations with Personio: timr


Using timr, you can digitize both your work and time tracking abilities. That’s because timr offers seamless time recording via their web application and terminals.

Field service employees record time using our (offline) apps. The recording takes place quickly and easily at any time using a Start/Stop function. Now, the time-consuming act of time tracking is easier than ever before.

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Why timr?

Time Management with timr
Timr combines the most important functions for time recording in one application. This allows your employees to work more efficiently and saves time. When using timr in the field, you have the option of location recording when starting and stopping for better scheduling and as proof to the customer.

Core Functionalities

  • Time tracking
  • Project time tracking
  • Driver’s log

What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface
The Personio Integration is set up by timr. For this you need the access data (ClientId, ClientSecret) from the Personio account. In addition, a synchronization interval must be selected (e.g. hourly or daily).

Transfer of Data
As soon as the integration is active, all new presence times recorded in timr are automatically transferred to Personio in the selected synchronization interval. Transferred times are automatically locked in timr for further processing.

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Contact timr

Timr offers three different packages with a variety of functional scopes and prices. In addition to their package, you have to pay 8€ per employee, per month. Through an annual payment method and an existing Personio customer account, you can even secure discounts with timr.
In addition, as a Personio customer, you can benefit from the particularly low-cost Personio Plan (limited to time recording). For further information, please contact timr directly.