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Integrations with Personio: Performance

Small Improvements

Small Improvements is an ongoing performance management tool that helps your employees grow and succeed.

Encourage timely, meaningful feedback and build strong working relationships with any combination of the core features: 1:1 Meetings, Praise, Objectives, 360s, Reviews, and Ongoing Feedback.

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Why Small Improvements?

Performance Management with Small Improvements
Small Improvements is a performance management tool that’s easy to use for admins and end users alike. The software is tailored to midsize organizations and offers a wide variety of configuration options.

Core Functionalities

  • 1:1 meetings support
  • Goal management
  • Direct and 360 feedback

What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface
The Personio sync-integration is set up in the admin area of Small Improvements. For this you need the OAuth access data (ClientId, ClientSecret) from the Personio account. After activating the synchronization, you can decide whether the data synchronization should take place manually or automatically every two hours.

Transfer of Data
Employee master data (e-mail address, first name and last name) and the position or function of the employee are synchronized from Personio to Small Improvements.

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Contact Small Improvements

Small Improvements costs $8 per user per month with no extra fees or lock-in contract. Discounts for non-profits, 200+ users, and annual billing apply. Personio customers interested in using Small Improvements can trial the software for free after seeing a demo.