Integrations with Personio: Travel expenses


RefundFox digitizes the entire travel and expense claiming process in your company. The solution is tailored for small and medium-sized companies.

With the AI-based app, your employees can capture paper receipts and submit expense reports on the go. The accounting department can carry out the inspection and approval procedure for all expense reports consecutively in the company portal.


Why RefundFox?

Expense reports with RefundFox
After scanning the receipt or importing digital invoices, the RefundFox app automatically recognizes all receipt types and amounts. The digitally submitted expense reports can be approved and posted by the manager and accounting department in the company portal instantly. The paperless process increases efficiency and reduces costs in your company.


Core Functionalities

  • Digit- and character-precise receipt recognition
  • Automatic calculation of all up-to-date per diem rates
  • Employee groups for projects and cost centers


What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface
After the access data has been generated in Personio and entered in RefundFox, the systems will be synchronized in real time. Employees in Personio who are activated for RefundFox will be automatically invited to RefundFox.

Transfer of Data
The e-mail address of the selected employee will be transferred from Personio. The employee will receive an invitation e-mail to install the RefundFox app that is connected with the RefundFox company portal.

Contact RefundFox

The RefundFox app is permanently free of charge. The monthly cost for the company portal is 8 € per user. The free trial period ends automatically after 4 weeks. You will not need to provide credit card information to start the trial.

Setting up the app and the company portal can be done in just a few minutes. The RefundFox team will be happy to help you with any further questions. You can contact RefundFox at