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Molteo is the tool, which consists of modules that cover all areas from capturing data, to advanced analytics, and lastly data-driven recommendations that enable the construction companies to plan and act ahead.

More than 200 satisfied Infrastructure- and Building construction companies are using Molteo.

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Why Molteo?

Project staffing and resource capturing with Molteo

Molteo was developed with workers and foreman on the site. You can therefore be sure that it is easy to use and fast to learn. We are strong believers in our goal “win the worker”, because only with them your digitisation in the company and on-site is going to be a success.

Core Functionalities

  • Planned and actual comparison on project basis for the engineer or foreman in Web.
  • Easy timeregistration, crewregistration, and resourcecapturing for the foreman or employee via App (Android & iOS)
  • Automatic creation and booking of time- and resource consumption for the payslip and bookkeeping.

What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface

Construction companies can easily integrate Molteo and Personio as long as they have an account for both services. The integration can be setup using Molteo’s integration settings. From that point onwards we are automatically synchronising your employees, attendance, absence and overtime-account.

Transfer of Data
Molteo is synchronising employee information, attendance, and absence with Personio. The advantage is that all double updating for information is being erased. We are also letting you pick which data-set (Molteo or Personio) has priority. 

Molteo time tracking

Contact Molteo

The price for Molteo is variating dependent on the amount of employees and the desired optional modules that the customer wants to purchase. Our prices can be viewed fully transparent after signing up for our free account. We are always reachable at +49 4621 9853005 or at As a customer at Personio you are also elagible for a discount, so please make sure to state that in your email.