No more expense ping pong

Integrations with Personio: Expense reports


Circula enables leading technology companies, management consultancies, and modern mid-sized companies to digitise their travel expense accounts.

The app-based solution has received several awards in 2018. With the fully digital workflow, companies can reduce their process costs by up to 80%. As all processes are GoBD-compliant, Circula also provides paperless documentation.

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Why Circula?

Expense reports with Circula
Circular’s GoBD-complying app-solutions makes it easy for your employees to hand in the required documents for their expense reports on the go, including receipts, e-bills, additional expenses for food and beverages and mileage allowance.

Core Functionalities

  • Mobile and browser-based app for cost accounting
  • Configurable approval processes
  • Generation of posting records for accounting

What Does the Integration with Personio Look Like?

Setting up the Interface
The administrator generates the access data in Personio and stores it in the settings within Circula. As soon as this API data is stored, the systems are synchronised in real time. For example, a new employee created in Personio is automatically created in Circula.

Transfer of Data
All employees added in Personio automatically receive an account within Circula. All master data stored in Personio is imported directly into Circula, so you can start submitting your travel expenses immediately.


Contact Circula

The costs per user amount are monthly, depending on the flexibility of the package (duration of 12 months vs. Pay-as-you-go), between 7,- Euro and 10,- Euro per user. The free trial period of two weeks can easily be started in a few minutes via Circula. Circula will be happy to talk to you personally about the software, onboarding and integration with Personio and will work with you on how you can digitise and optimise your travel expense report with Circula.