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The Search Comes to an End – As of Today, Personio Takes on your HR Challenges

While searching for a comprehensive HR management software program, Service Partner One came across Personio. Other providers offered a smaller range of functions, were too expensive, or had unconvincing data protection standards. Through Personio, Service Partner One now has a tool that combines all of the important criteria and makes work easier in many areas at their disposal.

Challenges in the HR Department at Service Partner One

Service Partner One wanted its HR processes to be well structured and clearly set up. A tool for the complete HR division needed to be implemented in order to improve the efficiency of the current work processes.


“All of the necessary HR tasks are combined into one tool using Personio. An inconvenient, time-consuming switch was not necessary and our employees are pleased with the transparent processes.”

Portrait Dennis Wegener

Dennis Wegener – Head of HR


Problems in Administrative HR Management

With a growing company size, several problems developed in the administrative HR Management at Service Partner One. These problems required that the best possible comprehensive and promising solution be found.

The vacation management, which had been completed through Excel up until that point, became noticeably more complicated with a growing number of employees. Also, Service Partner One did not do justice to their onboarding because of handling it through verbal agreements and email communication. Because no adequate documentation or checklists were established, stages of the process were overlooked altogether or completed too late. Offboarding was also often unclear and unnecessarily time-consuming in its arrangement due to lacking the fitting tools.

The team recognized that utilizing multiple HRM programs would lower their efficiency in individual task areas. Additionally, the consistency of data was put at risk by transcription errors occurring between the individual tools. By using a comprehensive system, they could achieve a uniform presentation and guarantee clarity and efficiency.

  • – No comprehensive solution
  • – Lack of clarity
  • – Unstructured onboarding

Problems in Recruiting

Coming to a joint decision regarding the suitability of the applicant was difficult at Service Partner One. The recruiting software being used limited the inclusion of team leaders who could not be added to the process as hiring managers. Collecting feedback from individual employees was cumbersome.

Due to the complexity of handing over the relevant information, planning for holiday replacements resulted in difficulties. The limited access to recruitment data delayed the processing of tasks by holiday replacements. A similar problem also occurred when there was a permanent change of employees. The handing over of data and information often prevented the actual beginning of work from going as planned.

  • – Incomplete feedback
  • – Delayed processes


“Through Personio we could realize our ambitious growth plans and we have a good starting point for further optimization. We are given new ideas especially through Personio’s monthly new features.”


An Integrated HR Solution as Enabling Efficient Work

Personio can, as an integrated tool, take on the tasks from multiple software solutions. On top of a clear work structure, using Personio results in savings in costs and time as well as the certainty that comes from knowing you will be able to adhere to the strict German data protection rules.

Efficient HR Management

Due to the new HR management tool, all processes can be coherently represented and an improved data consistency achieved. The transparency of the vacation management could be ensured along with the improved independence of the employees. Employee-Self-Service makes it possible to autonomously apply for vacation and absences, therefore reducing the work necessary in the HR department.

Aspects of on- and offboarding can now be directly transferred to Personio and new employees can be integrated into the existing team. Reminders and detailed task lists prevent individual steps in this process from being forgotten.

Personio also supports the payroll accounting through the simple depiction of salaries and the quick export of data to tax advisers. On top of the salary, bonuses and additional benefits like health and sport provisions or the monthly transportation ticket can be updated as well.

  • – Clarity
  • – Reduction in work
  • – Help with onboarding

Recruiting Solution – Transparent and Easy

The recruiting process at Service Partner One has become transparent and includes all of the team members now. Feedback on the applicants can be given and the recruitment accelerated because of simple and integrated communication channels.

The integration of substitutes in cases of sickness runs without problems. Because all of the data is saved in Personio and all employees have the right to access the data, this results in there being no information gaps. In cases of employees changing in the HR department, access to the open tasks is granted quickly and simply.

  • – Transparent recruiting
  • – Easier hand-over processes

Quick Implementation

The implementation of Personio as sole HR management software took place in March, 2015 and was completed in less than four weeks. From the introductory phase going forward, the customer success team was available to help with any emerging questions.

Saving the data on German servers meets Service Partner One’s high safety requirements. With Personio, the company could realize their strict data protection guidelines.

According to Dennis Wegener, Personio offers, “not only a wide range of functions, but it is also highly customizable.” The regular updates are adapted to the needs of the company and sustainably ease the workload.

  • – Quick implementation
  • – Good service
  • – Customizable

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