Quadriga: Automated efficiency in all HR processes

The simple mapping of complex HR processes with Personio

At Quadriga, HR processes had been mostly manually organized using single application programs like Excel or Outlook. With the help of an integrated HR solution from Personio, one central platform can handle all of the human resource management issues.

Reasons for introducing HR management software

Manually handling all of the personnel processes necessitated an immense effort from Quadriga’s HR department. Questions could often not be properly dealt with and processes took way more time than should be necessary.

Problems with the maintenance of master data

The variety of tools Quadriga used to manage the employee data needed time-intensive manual entry and often led to a loss of data clarity. For example, vacation requests were managed centrally by the HR department and employees could only submit them by email. Likewise, the employee onboarding was not constructed optimally: The use of Excel forms made the timely execution of onboarding tasks difficult and led, in the worst cases, to missing deadlines. Quadriga estimates that the administrative tasks alone used to take up 40% to 60% of the total working time.

  • – Master data management lacking in clarity
  • – Requests submitted by email
  • – Inconsistent employee onboarding

Problems in recruiting

Due to a lack of appropriate tools, the integration of new employees into existing teams was prolonged and inefficiently structured. Team leaders, for example, were only informed about new personnel and the necessary tasks that pertain to them through process slips instead of automatized reminders. Additionally, the transition from applicant to employee was carried out manually. Communication occurring through decentralized email systems led to lengthy information paths and, therefore, delays in the recognition of announcements and feedback.

  • – Inefficient communication through email
  • – Adjustment of applicant and employee information by hand
  • – Protracted feedback-loops for applications


“After having manually attended to all of the processes, Personio is a godsend: Automatized processes, transparent absence management, and all of the data at a glance with one click. I can no longer imagine our daily work routine without Personio.”

Quadriga Testimonial PortraitAnnett Rentsch – HR Manager, Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH


HR 4.0 at Quadriga: more time for the essential with Personio

The reasons for choosing Personio for our integrated HR management solution ranged from client recommendations to the excellent price-performance ratio. Due to elements like individualized configuration options and flexible adaptation of the system, Personio has become, according to Annett Rentsch and the HR Team, an integral part of the company’s daily business.

Efficient HR management

With Personio we were able to establish a transparent and efficient management of master data at one central location. As a result, every employee has complete oversight over vacation days, absences, and other data and can easily manage it through the program. The onboarding process is structured in individual phases with up to 48 steps and 12 internal participants. This leads to a more efficient induction and improved retention of new employees. A simplified drafting of employment contracts and certificates reduces the workload for the HR department. Important dates like the probationary period and contract dates are included in automated reminders from Personio so that no deadline will be missed.

  • – Transparent management
  • – Structured data management
  • – Automated reminders

Fully integrated recruiting solution

Personio replaced the preexisting recruiting system that showed problems or complications. Necessary processes in the company’s daily business, like the seamless transition from applicant to employee and direct onboarding, are now guaranteed without time lost. Not only were these processes simplified but with it also the HR department’s workload lightened.

  • – Seamless transition
  • – Effortless tracking of performance indicators
  • – Easing the burden of the company’s daily work

Simple implementation

Based on the size of the company, Quadriga decided to implement the modules individually. Through each processing step, communication with a contact partner at Personio was available to guide the implementation with suggestions and tips.

In order to simplify the utilization of Personio, specific requests for features as well as product feedback were promptly enacted. Support services continue even after implementation and a lively exchange of requests and improvements continues to this day between Quadriga and Personio.

  • – Personal service partner
  • – Ongoing improvements


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